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Virginia Decks – Selecting A Weather Proof Awning

A number of home owners and contractors alike believe that a Virginia deck is one of the best additions you can give to a home, and on the same line of thought an awning is one of the best additions you can make to a Virginia deck.

The make the entire outdoor experience that much more comfortable, and can extend the amount of time your family can hang outside without risking over exposure to the elements – particularly the sun. They’re also a wonderful way to sit back on your Virginia deck and enjoy the splendor of misty, warm summer showers.

The Awning Of The Virginia Deck – A Canopy

Fabric awnings are one of the wiser choices for a residence in Virginia. These are available in static designs as well retractable. For most Virginia deck owners, the retractable is often more practical. These designs are less expensive than a common metal awning, which typically come in larger sizes to accommodate more people and generate more shade.

The fabric doesn’t soak as much heat, so they do provide a much cooler temperate to settle into and relax under and, should winds get rough, the awning can quickly be retracted to avoid damage.

The maintenance is rather easy for these Virginia deck canopies. Depending on the investment you make and the type of fabric, you may not have to worry about fading for years to come. Due to the fabric nature of these awnings, they can be customizes so that your Virginia deck has your own personal expression above you. Not only are you making a stating about who you are but you have a practical tool to help cover your outdoor lounging space.

Keep in mind that the fabric Virginia deck awnings aren’t designs for use in any kind of an extreme situation or severe weather condition. As mentioned above, heavy winds and powerful rains call for the awning to be retracted and put away to avoid any damage to the awning.

The Metal Virginia Deck Awnings

Unlike its fabric counterpart, the metal awning is extremely durable which accounts for it being the more expensive choice of the two. Despite the rigidity of metal, retractable models can still be purchased for your Virginia deck if you don’t mind the added expense. Some weather patterns in Virginia can bring severe winds that can even damage metal awnings so retractable awnings can keep damage away from your home.

For most homeowners, the Virginia deck can cover a lot of space and in order to get a metal awning to cover it, you’ll likely need to get it custom made. The inflated costs of large metal awnings are why this style is more commonly limited to windows and smaller porches.

Despite the cost, a smaller Virginia deck can still benefit from the addition of a metal awning and it would keep the pricing within the range of most budgets. If you have a smaller deck and you want some superior resistance to the elements than aim for the metal awning. Some are rated for Hurricane force windows, but many are rated to deal with piles of heavy snow making them perfect for your Virginia deck remodel.

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