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Virginia Bathroom Remodeling – Kiss Cold Toes Goodbye

Over the last 10 years there has been a growing rush for green remodeling in many parts of the country, especially those areas that have changing seasons from one extreme to another. Energy conservation is a big topic, and of the areas that’s starting to also receive additional attention in the area of green renovation is Virginia bathroom remodeling and the addition of radiant floor heat.

For many homes around the world, millions of people have to deal with the constant nag of cold tiles in the morning, which is especially aggravating when you first step out of a nice hot shower or bath. The radiant floor heat makes the bathroom environment extremely comfortable and helps us resist the urge to crank the heat in order to make sure that our bathroom space is toasty.

Compared to a number of other heating options on the market such as gas furnaces, boilers, electric baseboard heating and wood fire stoves, a radiant floor heating system placed during Virginia bathroom remodeling can provide the most consistent and comfortable heating solution for your bathroom space.

Of course it’s not limited to the bathroom. This is a remodel idea that can be spread through your entire home as its one of the most energy efficient heating systems that can put you on the most appropriate path for going green.

Here are just a few benefits for considering radiant floor heat for your next home renovation of Virginia bathroom remodel:

· Unlike many conventional heating systems, there is no draft or breeze such as forced air. You can set the thermostat lower while getting the same warmth.

· This system can be installed to run on solar energy, providing you with a free source of heat year round.

· Zero spreading of dust and allergens through your home

· Radiant floor heat doesn’t dry the air

· Less heat loss in the winter months than forced air

How a Radiant Floor Heat System Works

If you’ve got a Virginia bathroom remodel coming up, you may want to strongly consider installing radiant floor heating. This works by heating up your bathroom space from the ground up. The electronic or hyrdonic system is incorporated into the floor beneath the actual surface material. The electronic is the most common which will be discussed here.

Electric Radiant Heating Systems

In a Virginia bathroom remodel, you can install strips or mats that are heated beneath the flooring material, often embedded in a very thin layer of concrete. The material heats the surrounding concrete which in turn rises to heat the floor of your bathroom. Electronic radiant heating systems are extremely efficient, easy to install and are well-suited for small spaces such as the bathroom.

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