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Virginia Bathroom Remodeling: Investing in Home Value

As a homeowner in Virginia, bathroom remodeling projects will become a necessary part of keeping the home in good condition while you occupy the house. If you want your home to be truly comfortable, you should put a little touch of your influence in every room of the home. A lot of people disagree, in architectural terms, what makes a good bathroom, so you may wish to individualize the features with a remodel.

There are a lot of good reasons to begin a bathroom remodeling project, not the least of which is an increase of the eventual resale value of the home. Now it is impossible to calculate the actual difference between any money the home would bring in before or after a remodel, but appraisers can give you fairly good estimates.

It pays to look into the sales prices of the recently purchased homes in your neighborhood that are of a similar size to yours. This will give you the best idea of what your home is worth before the remodel, and at the same time an idea of where the price ceiling will be after the remodel is finished. The difference should be where you set the limit of your budget.

There is no doubt that a finely crafted bathroom can be a major selling point to a home, especially a fully decked out master suite. If your budget is a little on the high side you should make sure that your plans include updating every single “permanent” fixture in the room, including:

  • The Tiles: Floor, Backsplashes, Showers, Walls
  • Visible Plumbing Fixtures: Shower head, Turn Handles, Faucets
  • Counter Tops
  • Sinks
  • Tub
  • Shower Enclosures
  • Toilet

When you design your bathroom, it pays to keep efficiency in mind. Little touches that you might find helpful to you might get in the way of another person. Cabinetry is especially a point of contention in a lot of houses. Some like more than others, so it can be very helpful to the sale price to keep cabinets to a necessary minimum.

Ultimately, you are going to remodel the bathroom to your particular taste in some way, and there will be people (potential buyers) who do not share you opinions, and may low-ball their bid because of improvements you made. If you run into a situation where numerous interested parties all agree that they don’t like your bathroom you might have to have it remodeled just to sell the home.

There are little details you can put into your Virginia bathroom remodeling project that appeal to everyone, however. Everyone like a fancy shower head with a lot of settings, or even a larger shower space so that people don’t feel cramped while they refresh themselves for the day. Small things like a padded toilet seat can go a long way to pleasing prospective buyers. The bathroom is one area where the improvements that you make for yourself have a good chance of attracting buyers, as long as you know where to personalize.

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