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Vinyl Shakes Add a Decorative Touch to Your Northern Virginia Siding

The exterior finish of your home is an important feature. Not only does it help create a beautiful first impression, but it also protects your home for years. Besides choosing a durable brand of Northern Virginia siding, you need to consider decorative touches and designs that will let your home stand out. Consider how additions like vinyl shakes will work on your home design.

What Are Vinyl Shakes?

Formed to resemble the charming cedar shakes used on the roof, vinyl shakes are actually panels of specially made siding. Installed on your home just as traditional vinyl siding would be, shakes will lend your home the look of a rustic cottage without the maintenance and vulnerability of wooden material.

They are available in a wide variety of styles, from a large form resembling shiplap siding to smaller, square-shaped shakes. You can also find styles that resemble classical architecture – rounded like tiles or scalloped like old wooden roofs of the past.

How Can These Be Used To Compliment Your Siding?

In Northern Virginia the most lovely homes are those with a character and style of their own. Many homes have standard styles of vinyl or aluminum siding, installed with complimenting trim and fascia. But when you add accents of vinyl shakes your home can capture that style you’re looking for.

Use shakes in combination with your Northern Virginia siding, in the roof gable or on the top (or bottom) half of the house. It’s easy to create a contrasting, textured look with this product.

You can also use panels of shakes as the siding to put forward a more casual look entirely. Much like a traditional cottage, these shakes can produce a rugged, charming look while providing the strength and durability inherent in vinyl. They will not need to be painted and cleaning is done easily with a pressure washer.

Durable Design Features

This product is made from virgin PVC that is inflammable, providing an extra layer of safety in your home. Manufactured using high-pressured injections into specially made die cast models these products have very strict tolerances and impressive durability.

Vinyl is weather resistant by nature and shakes are made with the same specifications as vinyl siding. Although the profile may look smaller, vinyl shakes provide exactly the same benefits as vinyl siding – long lasting weather resistance, a beautiful uniform finish and low maintenance requirements.

The best quality vinyl shakes have been permeated with color, not simply coated. That means when scratches and gouges occur (and they inevitably will over the life of your home), the color will still show through and your siding will not need to be replaced. Ask the manufacturer about this feature to be sure that you are investing in the highest quality product.

Whether you opt to use vinyl shakes in conjunction with your Northern Virginia siding or plan to use these panels all on their own, they are a charming addition. A beautiful, unique form combined with quality manufacturing and impeccable style, vinyl shakes can help your home find its own style.

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