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Under The Cabinet Lighting For Your Virginia Kitchen

While overhead lighting of any kind been a pretty standard option in most homes for quite some time, there’s a growing preference for under cabinet lighting in the Virginia kitchen. For many who work in the kitchen on a regular basis, the soft light given off from beneath a cabinet to illuminate a work area provides more comfort and convenience that a generic bulk hanging from the ceiling.

Not to mention that under the cabinet lighting gives any kitchen a much more modern look that a lot of homeowners find attractive.

The Convenience For Your Virginia Kitchen

Many of us have had the discord of washing dishes in the sink only to later discover that, under better light, there were missed spots. With lighting beneath the cabinets, your work areas in the kitchen are directly lit. This can help you avoid issues like spots on dishes.

The direct illumination of workspace also gives more comfort for those working in the kitchen. Some are more sensitive to shifts in the light, and an overhead light can cast irritating shadows on a work area if you’re lit from behind. Your own shadow darkening a workspace can be frustrating, but lights beneath the cabinets in your kitchen you can get the best illumination from the angle that matters.

A greater benefit of these lights is the fact that while you’re getting direct light on your kitchen countertops, the lights are out of the way. That means there are no fixtures getting in the way of your prep area or other countertop appliances.

If it’s in your budget you can also find highly customizable models that can be moved underneath the cabinet. Some rotate and swivel, others can be moved on a track. This is especially helpful if you want to light up a particular area of the kitchen or a small segment of your countertops.

What Kind Of Bulbs Should Your Use?

There are as many optional light bulbs as there are sockets to put them in, and while your options will be a little limited based on the style of lighting you choose you’re still gonna be left to decide what kind of bulbs to use.

Of course you can always opt for the run of the mill incandescent bulbs. You’ll get the typical yellow glow of light with midrange efficiency as far as your energy goes but it pays to go a little more exotic.

Not only can different styles save you on energy but they look nicer. From the crisper glow of a halogen to the diner-like style of some fluorescent lights you have a variety of choices that can be used to accent your unique kitchen.

Another option is color. Various colors can be used with the lighting, either in colored bulbs or light filters, to cast a different shade of light on your counters. Soft blues, light reds or purple lights can give a kitchen a comfortable glow in the evening or late night hours without casting too much light

If you’re looking for the most energy efficient under the cabinet lights for your Virginia kitchen, fluorescent bulbs typically last the longest and provide efficient lighting but they do give a bit of an alien glow to the surface they shine on. It always boils down to a matter of preference.

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