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Typical Considerations for Virginia Window Replacement Projects

Installing new windows in your home is a wise investment. Not only will you add to the energy efficiency of your living space, but Virginia window replacement projects brighten up your home and increase the value. There are certain considerations every homeowner should keep in mind when planning for this home improvement, which will make for a smoother experience all around.

Design Considerations

There are a wide variety of window designs to choose from in today’s market. You could simply replace the windows in the size and shape they are. Or you could choose a few strategic locations and opt for an expansion. Sliding patio doors in place of windows on the rear wall of your home will transform your living space, while tall thin windows in the stairway can brighten up those dark corners.

Think about the window operation as well. If you have casement windows and would prefer double hung, now is the time to switch over. Transform a fixed window to an operable style or vice versa. Tackling a Virginia window replacement project gives you the chance to install windows with the design that suits your lifestyle.

Construction Considerations

The materials used in the construction of your window will make an enormous difference to the efficiency and fit of the window. Vinyl or composite products deliver the highest levels of efficiency, with aluminum window frames offering a decent level as well. Solid wood window frames are very attractive and traditional. The timber also creates an effective heat loss barrier, although it does require more maintenance over time.

One of the most popular replacement windows on the market today is the composite window frame. These combine the strength and advantages of wood and vinyl to deliver an attractive frame that fits exceptionally well and creates a low maintenance, efficient replacement. With wood on the interior of the window frame this style is appealing to many, while the vinyl clad exterior presents a virtually maintenance free finish that will last for decades.

Shop around for the construction and materials that suit your tastes and home best. Often period or colonial homes look strange with modern window replacements, but with a little planning and the help of a professional window installation contractor every home can be fit with authentic, attractive windows.

Budget Considerations

As with all home improvement projects, budget drives choice. No matter what amount you have to invest in this job, be sure to purchase the best quality you can afford. The windows themselves should be double glazed and include a low E coating for maximum efficiency. Gases such as argon may also come in between the panes to improve the efficiency even more, although this option may bump the budget up too high.

Weigh your priorities and understand which style, design and materials will deliver the greatest value for your home, family and climate. When it comes to Virginia window replacement projects, it pays to take your time, research carefully and choose an experienced contractor that will be able to offer you the advice and skills this type of project requires.

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