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Transforming Unused Closets in Gorgeous Virginia Bathrooms

Adding a bathroom to your existing floor plan enhances convenience and increases property value, not to mention helping to keep the peace in a family home. But are new Virginia bathrooms out of reach when space is at a premium? Check out these tips on transforming unused closet spaces into fantastic bathrooms designed to upgrade and update your living area.

Plumbing Concerns

First find out whether connecting to the existing plumbing system will be feasible. Depending on the location of your closet, this could be a simple procedure for a licensed plumber. Do not try this on your own; a plumber needs to install a rough in, often during the renovation or gutting stage. The plumbing fixtures can be installed near the end of the project.

You also need to measure the space and ensure there is adequate room for a toilet. Research local building codes, which may dictate a specific clearance for toilets. Be sure that your closet leaves enough floor space for a toilet. Think about the ideal location, in relation to doorway and sink placement.

The room underneath your closet may need to be renovated as well with a bulkhead added for drains and plumbing. This may not be a problem when transforming a main floor closet into a bathroom, but renovating a bedroom or second-floor closet generally requires more renovations below and around.

Space Concerns

Some municipalities dictate a minimum size for powder rooms or half-baths—14 square feet is common. If your closet is a little shy, consider stealing a few feet from the adjacent rooms or reconfiguring the
layout of your hallway or room. Plan the layout to allow for 24 inches of space between the toilet and sink or vanity.

To create more space inside the actual bathroom, consider having the door swing out into the bedroom or hallway. Pocket doors offer another space-saving solution, but will require space between the wall studs and renovations to the surrounding walls. Once pocket doors are installed room function is enhanced while still allowing privacy and security.

Pedestal sinks work well in powder rooms, while wall hung vanities offer a distinct sense of style in larger Virginia bathrooms without creating a bulky feeling. Corner sinks offer another space saving solution, and one-piece toilets provide the same performance with a smaller footprint.

Finish Concerns

Small bathrooms can be made to feel brighter with the proper finishing. Choose lighter, neutral colors to reflect light and create a more open feeling. Opt for light flooring tones as well, such as neutral color ceramic tiles or vinyl.

Incorporating natural lighting through windows or skylights may be difficult when renovating a closet. Plan to spend some time choosing the optimum lights; perhaps pot lights recessed into the ceiling, or sconces coupled with a vanity strip. You’ll need to allocate a decent budget for lighting, since this important element is necessary for comfort and an attractive finish.

Add another bathroom to your house by transforming closets into gorgeous Virginia bathrooms. Renovate to create a two-piece half-bath on the main floor or a full bathroom in the bedroom closet, using the design and construction skills of your local Virginia bathroom contractor. After all, every family could use another bathroom.

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