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Top Three Tips for Luxury Outdoor Living on Your Northern Virginia Deck

For a great part of the year your family will enjoy living outdoors. Cooking on the BBQ, sipping coffee on the porch swing, sunbathing, reading the latest summer blockbuster and playing in the sandbox are all common family activities. But none of this relaxation and luxury outdoor living would be possible without your Northern Virginia deck. Make the most of this excellent space with these top three tips.

Design and Decorate the Space

Just as you would add things you love to your indoor space, don’t be afraid to personalize your deck. Furniture and accessories should be well chosen to reflect your tastes and the needs of your family. Hang durable, outdoor art work on the walls, purchase outdoor rugs for a splash of color and include plenty of gardens and flower pots.

If your Northern Virginia deck is large enough consider designing different rooms. The layout could include a kitchen space with your grill and prep area, as well as a dining room with the patio set and some additional storage. Perhaps you could include a secluded niche in one corner for more private moments. Talk to a local contractor about an extension if your deck isn’t large enough to suit your needs.

Invest in Quality

The decking,  furniture and furnishings that make up your outdoor living space will need to be durable. Weather is constantly wearing and if you do not invest in quality brands you will soon need to think about replacements. Remember that although a well made and durable product may be more expensive initially, the longevity and reliability will likely pay off in the end. Invest in what you love and the price tag will mean very little.

Choose materials that are built for outdoor use and protect them as best you can with covers and protective coatings, as applicable. You can liven up the outdoor space with tropical plants and other items more suited to the indoors, but be sure to bring them in once the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Think About Maintenance

One of the major differences between indoor and outdoor living is maintenance. While you do need to regularly maintain the inside of your home, the outside may require a bit more elbow grease as a result of exposure.

It’s best to consider what level of maintenance you are comfortable with. If you don’t mind staining the decking or furniture on a regular basis, then by all means invest in those products that require it. But if you would rather not look at composite and vinyl decking, as well as powder coated aluminum deck accessories and furniture.

Low maintenance fabrics that resistant fading, mold and mildew are often best for umbrellas, furniture covers and other soft furnishings. Investigate the maintenance required for each part of your outdoor living space and decide whether that fits into your work level preferences.

Your Northern Virginia deck can become a hot spot for entertaining, relaxation and casual life. With the right decorating and design, quality materials and a maintenance level you can handle, outdoor living will be better than you ever dreamed.

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