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Top Three Northern Virginia Additions That Work Best for Families

Today’s families follow a busy lifestyle, often traveling between school, work and other activities at breakneck speeds. Families need a comfortable and functional place to call home, and plenty of space within that home to relax. These top three Northern Virginia additions help modern families to live better and wiser in their current homes.

Main Floor Home Addition

Expanding your main floor allows you to make the family room or kitchen larger. Upgrade your cabinets, add an island or incorporate a breakfast nook in a larger kitchen. Or stretch out the family room to include a home theater system, billiard table or an open play area. The design possibilities are seemingly endless with Northern Virginia additions on the main floor.

Costs for this type of addition can be substantial, depending on the location and scope. Ask your home addition contractor whether a foundation extension is required, and talk about how to adjust the existing roofline to help the addition blend in. Opt for less expensive exterior finishing (vinyl siding as opposed to brick veneer, for example) and avoid making alterations to major structural components.

Sunroom Addition

Sunrooms are often an extension to the main floor living space, but fit into a more limited description than the choice above. You can incorporate your kitchen or family room into this space, but the glass windows reduce privacy and virtually eliminate usable wall space for artwork and shelving.

This type of home addition provides natural light for your family room or kitchen, and offers a unique place for a home office, dining room or lounging space. Think about using your sunroom for informal dining or a quiet nook for studying and catching up on your reading. It can be a place of serenity in your bustling house, or act as a gateway to outdoor living when combined with a beautiful deck or patio.

Sunrooms offer a slightly cheaper option for additional space on the main floor, but do not always provide year-round comfort. You’ll need to invest in well-insulated glazing and high quality window frames to ensure the room remains comfortable in cold weather. Sunrooms often come in prefab kits, which limits size and layout, but can be custom-made for a price.

Loft Addition or Attic Refurbishment

When the footprint of your existing house has used up all available space on the property, look to the skies for a home addition. Many families appreciate the value of a loft addition, which can be used for additional bedrooms, an expanded family bathroom or a second- or third-floor family room. Attic refurbishments take the existing space and update or complete the finishing process, resulting in a comfortable living space above the second floor or garage.

This type of home improvement project works well for families with teenagers, providing them with private space within the safety of your walls. Consider including another bathroom in the top floor addition, installed directly above the main bath for efficient plumbing design.

Whether you decide on a main floor addition, sunroom or loft addition your family can enjoy greater relaxation with these Northern Virginia additions. Talk to an experienced contractor about the ideal option for your property and get the house your family deserves.

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