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Top Three Home Additions Virginia Residents Love to Live In

Additions expand your living space and provide countless benefits. Although the design depends on your unique lifestyle and property, consider these projects that made the list of top three home additions Virginia residents love to live in.

Garage Additions

If your Virginia home needs storage space, a workshop or additional parking, garage additions provide the ideal solution. Consider whether an attached garage can be added to limit costs and provide convenient access. Detached garages are a better option for workshops and private areas to indulge in hobbies like auto mechanics or woodworking.

Concrete slabs support garage additions, which are framed and finished just like your home. Vinyl siding or cement fiberboard are often used to finish the exterior walls, while asphalt shingles cover the garage roof. When designing an attached garage, your Virginia contractor will consider the existing materials, as well as the condition of the framing, roof trusses and foundation. Any structural repairs or replacement are done before the new addition is built.

Attached garages generally cost less than detached designs, but the overall price depends on the size and finishing options. Think about whether you’ll need an insulated garage door, how many windows are required and how electricity and heating will be run into the space.

Kitchen Additions

Kitchen renovations create a more efficient workspace and allow for optimum traffic flow. But when your existing floor plan limits the space for a new kitchen, an addition provides the ideal opportunity to improve your lifestyle.

Kitchen additions are generally installed at ground level and built on a foundation extension. Your contractor will design a room that fits into the existing floor plan with matching exterior finishing and a seamless roofline. Large windows, sliding patio doors and skylights are popular inclusions, and premium kitchen cabinets, natural stone flooring and durable countertops are used to add value to the space.

The cost of kitchen additions depends on the overall design and features installed. Much like the costs of kitchen renovations, an affordable kitchen addition is possible with the right contractor and a design that takes advantage of your existing home features.


For affordable home additions Virginia residents can easily budget, sunrooms provide exceptional living space. Enjoy the sunshine all year round with a four-season insulated sunroom, or spend time in the yard without worrying about pests with a screened in sunroom.

Consider how you’re planning to use this space. Four-season sunrooms work well as dining rooms or family rooms, designed with comfortable furniture and open to the kitchen for convenience. Screened in sunrooms can be used for dining in the warm months and a fantastic place to read, nap or simply relax and appreciate the weather. Screened in sunrooms can be installed in nearly part of the house, including on the front porch.

Remember that heating and insulation need to be installed in four-season sunrooms, while screened in sunrooms are often built with a simpler design. Costs vary, depending on the size and design of the sunroom. Manufactured sunrooms are used in standard installations, while custom-built sunrooms work for unique situations and circumstances.

Hire an experienced contractor to design and build any of these top three home additions Virginia residents love to live in. Their expertise will ensure the space is built with style and durability.

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