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Top Northern Virginia Basement Remodeling Designs for Families

Finished basements add valuable living space for a reasonable cost, a combination that appeals to growing families in a big way. Are you looking to create more room without breaking the bank? These Northern Virginia basement remodeling designs for families make a little below-grade space go a long way.

Move the Play Room Downstairs

Kids have toys, and throughout the course of each day those toys inevitably end up on the floor. Why not create a more comfortable main floor by moving toys to a dedicated spot downstairs?

This basement remodeling project includes a wide open space finished with durable walls, carpeting and plenty of storage. Think drywall covered with semi-gloss paint, easily cleaned and simple to paint over later. Build closet space into the room to give those toys a home, or simply use shelves and toy boxes to keep the area tidy.

Install berber carpet or something with similar levels of durability. Stain resistant brands are well worth any extra cost, and be sure to ask about closed cell underlayment. This product provides sound and heat insulation, as well as providing a moisture barrier to reduce mold and mildew in the basement.

Games for the Whole Family

No matter the age of your children, families love playing games together. And having an area dedicated to this type of family time makes it convenient to have fun together, even at a moment’s notice.

Install engineered wood flooring over a level subfloor, perfect for the pool table and air hockey table. Include room for seating and storage of the billiard equipment, as well as bright lighting to make game play easier. Natural lighting is important as well; you might consider enlarging the windows or installing a sliding patio door to create a brighter atmosphere in the basement.

If video games are your family’s favorite, make room for a flat screen television and an entertainment console with the latest gaming systems tucked inside. If board games are up your alley, set up large tables with plenty of extra seating and shelving to store your preferred games.

Create a Teen Hangout

While your teens may be happy hanging out just about anywhere, why not create a comfortable, inviting place with your Northern Virginia basement remodeling project? This area should include an entertainment center, complete with computer station, telephones and plenty of durable seating for a crowd.

Think about creating bedrooms downstairs as well, to allow your teens the privacy they crave. Always be sure the windows are large enough to be considered a fire escape and take pains to make the basement dry and odor-free. Your teen will appreciate having their own space, and if their bedrooms are close to an all-purpose hang out area complete with TV and computer, you may have to food or car keys to coax them upstairs.

For some families multiple rooms might suit this layout better. Leave the main area open to the upstairs, allowing minimal supervision and a more inviting atmosphere. And a bathroom with another shower is a must with teens living in the space.

However you design this Northern Virginia basement remodeling project, be sure to cater to your family’s lifestyle. Basement renovations are a fantastic value and can be easily and affordably altered as family dynamics change. Right now, make the most of your space with a finished basement custom made for your family.

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