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52 bathroom remodeling challanges

Top Four Hidden Challenges in Virginia Bathroom Remodeling

Major bathrooms renovations often require demolition, with walls, flooring and ceilings ripped out and replaced. You’ll likely uncover at least one of these hidden challenges during a Virginia bathroom remodeling project, and solutions often increase the budget or extend the renovation schedule. Be prepared and talk to your contractor about each of these common issues.

Notched or Cut Floor Joists

Are you replacing the flooring in your Virginia bathroom? After removing the existing floor, your contractor will inspect the condition of the floor joists. DIY enthusiasts and shoddy plumbers often notch floor joists to accommodate pipes, connections and valves. But this installation method also deteriorates the strength of your floor and might require extensive renovation work to correct.

Adding a plywood subfloor helps in some cases, but tiling and other styles of bathroom flooring must be installed on solid joists. If older renovation work reduces the integrity of your bathroom floor take care of the problem during the renovation.

Incorrectly Installed or Missing Ventilation

Bathrooms require full venting in order to cut down on humidity and improve the lifespan of building materials and bathroom furniture. But even those bathrooms with a venting fan experience problems due to incorrect installation or inadequate design.

Exhaust fans should be properly vented to the exterior of your home, using quality ductwork and an appropriately sized fan. If the fan directs air to the basement or attic, or doesn’t work at all, ask your contractor to fix the issue. Get the ductwork inspected for leaks as well, and be sure that the exhaust fan provides enough power for the room size.

Moldy Framing or Drywall

Mold presents various health risks and often grows in the bathroom, creeping up behind the shower stall or behind the drywall. Bathroom renovations that involve removal can stir up the mold spores and expose big problems, resulting in bigger renovation bills. But remember that this money is well spent on your family’s health and ignoring the issue is not an option.

Shower or bathtub surrounds that are not waterproof or water resistant present the ideal conditions for mold growth. Older homes often have plaster walls, which also encourage the spread of mold throughout moist areas of your home. Replace any moldy framing, drywall and plaster walls with proper moisture-resistant drywall, steel studs and other building materials designed to reduce the spread of mold and provide a healthier home for your family.

Corrosion on Plumbing and Joints

Even the best quality plumbing can result in corrosion over time, especially at joints and valves. Your contractor will need to replace corroded plumbing and upgrade existing materials that do not meet current codes and safety standards.

Think about your new plumbing design as well, and remember to choose materials based on durability, as opposed to cost. Stronger styles, such as copper plumbing, naturally resist corrosion and provide increased performance, while top quality fittings can help to reduce leaks.

Your Virginia bathroom remodeling may uncover hidden problems that require immediate attention. Hire an experienced bathroom contractor to handle these issues and you’ll end up with a beautiful room that enhances your home and lifestyle.

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