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70 virginia basment tips

Top Five Virginia Basement Remodeling Tips Most People Forget

Planning for your Virginia basement remodeling project takes time and careful thought. Make sure that every aspect is covered and each essential element is handled well by considering these top five basement renovation tips that many people forget. It’s time to create a better below-grade living space for your family.

Tip 1 – Rough In for Your Electronics

Many basement plans include an area for home entertainment. Gaming systems, big screen TVs and home computers work well in the casual comfort of a basement remodel, but these systems and set ups require some forethought.

During the framing stage, consider how best to rough in for your electronics – from home theater to WiFi, gaming systems and home networks. Even wireless systems require power. Think about future systems, as well as the electronics your family currently enjoys, and remember to run speaker wires and plan outlet locations well before the drywall stage.

Tip 2 – Use Insulation to Reduce Noise

Noise can be a major problem with basement living areas. Traffic above often resonates through floor joists and into the space, which can be especially annoying with basement-level bedrooms or home offices. A basement renovation provides the ideal time to add insulation and reduce noise.

If your Virginia basement remodeling project involves drop ceilings, consider using an insulated tile especially designed with sound-blocking materials. If you plan to install drywall ceilings, be sure to place fiberglass insulation or batting between the floor joists above. This extra protection will also help to keep the area warm and cozy in winter months.

Tip 3 – Consider Radiant Heating for Basement Bathroom

Basement bathrooms are often colder than those on the ground floor and above. Consider how radiant underfloor heating provides a comfortable surface in your basement bath, especially for those rooms that include a tub or shower.

Radiant heating provides energy efficient heat at the ground level, and can be easily installed on concrete subfloors. Whether powered by electricity, solar power or geothermal energy, this type of heating works well for basement applications and increases comfort levels tremendously.

Tip 4 –More Options Exist for Basement Flooring

Carpet has been the traditional choice for basement flooring, providing a soft surface that can be affordably repaired or replaced in case of flooding. Several choices exist in today’s renovation market, including engineered hardwood, cork flooring and high quality tiles.

All of these options require a level, stable subfloor. Some, such as tiling, can be installed directly on concrete subfloors with little fuss to provide excellent performance and durability. Others work well with a plywood subfloor. Always use a water resistant closed cell underlayment to reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth due to high moisture levels.

Tip 5 – Eco Friendly Treated Wood or Stainless Steel Combats Mold Growth

Spruce lumber, also known as white wood, is affordable and widely available, as well as commonly used for basement framing. But this organic material contributes to mold growth when exposed to moisture. In order to protect your family from the adverse health effects of mold, think about using eco friendly treated wood (such as Bluwood) or stainless steel framing.

The typical basement contains many other organic substances, but using these alternatives costs almost the same and provides an extra level of protection against the dangers of mold growth.

Make your Virginia basement remodeling project the very best it can be by considering these top five basement renovation tips. From electronics rough-ins to insulated ceilings, radiant heating and mold-free framing, your research and care will help to create a comfortable living space downstairs.

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