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47 virginia modern deck features

Top Five Modern Deck Features to Set Your Virginia Deck Apart

Building a deck or patio is like adding an outdoor room to your home, and that living space should have the same conveniences and features as your interior rooms. Adding modern deck features to set your Virginia deck apart helps to capture your unique style and makes this space feel more like home.

Check out these top five features that hit the mark for contemporary styling and modern conveniences:

# 1 – Tempered Glass Railing

Modern ground level decks are often designed without a railing, preserving a feeling of openness. But decks more than 24 inches off the ground require a railing for safety purposes. Tempered glass railings provide the ideal solution, maintaining the view while keeping your family and guests safe.

Pair tempered glass panels with wood railings for a rugged look, or opt for aluminum posts, top and bottom rail. This material is maintenance-free and available in a wide range of colors. Some glass railing manufacturers also offer a frameless system, which optimizes your view. Consider tinted or etched glass for a dramatic appearance.

# 2 – Built In Bar or Kitchen

A fabulous addition for those who love to entertain on the deck, outdoor bars and kitchens can be designed to suit your lifestyle. Think about an upscale grill and prep station if backyard barbecues are a common event on your summer schedule. Or opt for an inlaid rock bar with built in sink and bar fridge for cocktails under the stars. The options for this Virginia deck feature are almost endless.

Be sure to plan out the ideal location for your built in bar or kitchen, paying close attention to traffic patterns and access to the main kitchen. Also consider building codes and heat protection for deck board and any vinyl siding nearby.

# 3 – Sleek Shade Structure

Adding shade to the deck extends your enjoyment of the space and provides a comfortable place to rest from the sun’s heat. Modern decks boast sleek shade structures in striking shapes, such as a triangular sun sail for that casual look or a high, heavy-beamed pergola for more traditional appeal.

Incorporate the framing, posts and structure into the deck, carrying on similar themes and shapes throughout the railing and trim.

# 4 – Deck Board Border

Choose your favorite color of composite deck board for the deck surface. Popular tones include browns, grays, tans and reddish hues, available in a range of shades from the biggest brands in the decking industry. But don’t limit your design options there—dress up the space with a contrasting border color. Use stain to achieve the same look in wood.

This deck design works especially well with larger layouts and multilevel decks, where each area is created to standalone as a room in your home would. Using a contrasting color deck board gives that room visual definition, without detracting from the overall design or creating any physical obstructions.

# 5 – Inlaid Patterns

Inlaid patterns provide another option for deck board details. Put a little dramatic splash into any area of your deck by installing the floorboards in a unique manner. Either with different colors or by shifting the direction of the decking, you can easily add spice and character to this space.

Your contractor may need to include extra framing for this option, or charge you more for the labor-intensive installation. But the final effect is well worth the investment, making this outdoor living space truly one of a kind.

Set your Virginia deck apart with any of these five modern deck features. From glass railing to built in bars, shade structures and deck board patterns, these details dress up your deck and help to display your tastes and character.

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