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41 virginia additions faqs

Top Five FAQs When Planning Virginia Additions

Homeowners have all sorts of questions when planning Virginia additions, from scheduling to costs, design to finishing and dealing with the local building department. These important questions must be discussed during the planning stages in order to ensure a smoother project.

Check out these top five FAQs and get your home addition questions answered.

# 1 – How Long Does It Take to Build a Home Addition?

This can be difficult to answer, as each project presents unique challenges. Size and location of the addition matter, as a second-storey addition may be completed quicker than a main floor addition that requires an expansion of the foundation or extensive excavation.

In general, a single storey addition measuring around 300 to 320 square feet will take around six weeks to build. Weather conditions affect this schedule, but most Virginia additions of this size require about three weeks of work on the exterior and three weeks of work on the interior portions.

# 2 – Are Estimate Costs Fixed?

The very nature of an estimate allows for costs to change as the project changes. Your Virginia contractor will give you an outline of the project, including details such as size, construction specs, finishing choices and product codes. If these details change over the course of your home improvement, costs may change as a result.

On the other hand, good contractors will stick as closely as possible to the estimate. They will discuss any and all changes before going ahead, which allows you to maintain control of the budget.

# 3 – Will Our Home Addition Fit Into the Balance of Our House?

Good design ensures that a home addition fits seamlessly into your existing floor plan. Take the time to discuss important aspects of your home with the contractor, including traffic patterns, cleaning patterns and how much time your family spends in each room. An architect or contractor takes all of these things into account and designs an addition that suits your lifestyle, as well as the house.

# 4 – Who Takes Care of the Building Permit?

All Virginia home additions require a building permit, but do not be intimidated by the thought. Your contractor should take care of most aspects, ensuring your permit application goes smoothly through the municipal and state systems.

There may be zoning issues to deal with, as well as legal or architectural aspects that involve neighborhood associations, historical societies or other organizations. Homeowners can deal with these people directly or authorize their contractor to handle interactions, but it helps to stay involved and keep on top of things.

# 5 – Does Our Family Need to Move Out During the Construction Phase?

This can also be difficult to answer, since every project and every family have different needs. Depending on the projected length of construction, location of the addition and seasonal weather patterns, you may feel more comfortable relocating for a short period of time. However, many times your family can live happily and safely in the home during construction.

Always be prepared to listen to instructions from the contractor and allow the experts to do their job. They will work hard to provide a safe home for your family. Talk to your insurance company about living arrangements during a home addition; you may find out that you’re covered for alternative housing during this project.

Virginia additions are involved and extensive, and many questions go through your head during the planning phases. Talk to your contractor and have all of your questions and concerns addressed before work starts to ensure your home addition runs smoothly and ends in complete satisfaction.

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