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56 bathroom remodeling budget tips

Top Five Budget Tips for Virginia Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Budgeting is the very first step in your Virginia bathroom remodeling project, and helps to direct the décor theme and scope of the renovation. These budget tips offer simple advice that pertains to any type of bathroom project. So whether you’re creating a powder room on the main floor, re-doing the master bath or ripping out the family bathroom for a complete overhaul, these budget tips help you to start off well.

Tip # 1 – Know What You Can Afford

Decide on a basic price range. This amount should include any savings you might have earmarked for this bathroom renovation, as well as any credit currently available. Consider all of your options, but try not to spread yourself too thin. An impressive bathroom remodel can be done with limited funds, and you don’t necessarily want to sacrifice on other areas of your lifestyle just to pay for a stylish update.

Tip # 2 – Make a List of Priorities

Keeping the entire household in mind and considering the next five to ten years, what are your priorities for the bathroom? Do you need more space or are you dreaming of a style makeover? Does the tub need to be replaced or would you prefer to add a window or skylight?

Consider how you use the space and what kind of changes could improve efficiency, atmosphere and function. Aesthetics come last; once you have decided on your priorities for the space, making it look good is easy.

Tip # 3 – Shop Around In Person and Online

You can find plumbing retailers in major cities and across the Internet. Shopping both sources for sales and clearance items makes the most sense, as it more than doubles your chances of snagging a good deal.

If your Virginia bathroom remodeling contractor is purchasing the fixtures and furniture, you’ll likely pay an up-charge for the middleman’s administration. Talk to your contractor about sourcing the items directly. It may be more work for you, but the substantial cost savings add up.

Tip # 4 – Be Realistic About DIY

Many homeowners assume that DIY options will help them shave down the bathroom renovation budget, but the reality can end up very different. When you need to hire a contractor to fix DIY mistakes or repair the damage resulting from shoddy work, all of those savings go out the window.
Be honest with yourself about DIY and do not make assumptions for the sake of your budget. If you cannot complete the work up to professional standards, it’s wise to recognize the value of hiring a real pro.

Tip # 5 – Write It All Down

The easiest way to blow your bathroom renovation budget is by spending without keeping an accurate record. Keep a notebook or computer document that contains all of the original budgeted information. Use this to remind you of the limitations set in place when shopping or making decisions with your contractor.

Many budgeting apps work on your mobile device and keep all of this vital information close at hand. Input your actual spending or ask for detailed billing from the contractor to compare once the project is complete.

Although the finished product plays the most important role in a Virginia bathroom remodeling project, budgeting helps to start the renovation off well and keeps costs in line for the duration. Take the time to budget and your home improvement project will turn out well.

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