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Tips to Make the Best of Your Virginia Siding Replacement

Nasty and even disastrous weather conditions have been felt across the country this spring. High winds and heavy rain are bound to cause damage to the exterior finish on homes and repairs are often necessary. Both the product that you choose and the steps of installation taken will help you make the most of your Virginia siding replacement.

Under It All

Vinyl siding is commonly seen on homes both large and small. And although this product is an excellent choice for durability and appearance, it is the underlayment that makes the most difference to the comfort level inside your home. Good quality underlayment will increase the R-value of the exterior finish, providing better insulation against heat loss and reducing your utility bills. Also, the strength of the underlayment will be an effective barrier against wetness caused by rain, sleet and snow.

The stability of the material installed underneath your vinyl siding allows for a stronger hold. When the fasteners have something substantial to grip they are more resistant to the forces of wind and rain that accompany heavy storms. Hurricanes and tornadoes are the ultimate test, but using the strongest underlayment available best protects your family.

Installing a thicker underlayment can also reduce the noise levels on the interior of your home. If you live in a high traffic area or find that noise upsets your sleep patterns, be sure to ask for a layer of thick foam board or rigid foam insulation. This will help to absorb the sound from outside and create a more peaceful, quiet atmosphere inside the house.

Maintenance Matters

Consider maintenance requirements when it’s time to replace your Virginia siding. Steer clear of products that require frequent attention and have a closer look at those that provide a worry-free finish. Vinyl siding is an excellent alternative that will never rot and can be cleaned to a shine with simple soap and water. This material is also available in many different styles and colors to provide a beautiful finish on your home.

Other styles of siding require more work to ensure durability and a clean, attractive look. Wood siding is a good choice for energy efficiency and creating a charming appearance, but this material will need regular staining or painting to remain durable. The weight of wood siding may help to reduce future wind damage and targeted replacement is simple with this material, but vinyl is still a much better choice for maintenance.

Quality Brands

Ensure that the brand of siding you choose will provide a durable, long lasting finish. Certain inexpensive vinyl product lines do not contain enough pure vinyl to resist cracking even in normal weather conditions. And these cheaper lines are also prone to fading due to the use of a lower quality coloring agent. Look at the overall value of a product before deciding and remember to consider this replacement project an investment in your home. Good quality is designed to last, meaning money will be saved in the long run.

If the recent wild weather has left your exterior home finish damaged call a professional siding installer to find out the best options for a Virginia siding replacement. High quality, low maintenance products installed with a strong, stable underlayment is your optimum choice.

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