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72 bathroom remodeling tight space

Tips on Virginia Bathroom Remodeling in Tight Spaces

Homeowners often want to add bathrooms in tight spaces, altering the master bedroom closet or converting a corner of the foyer, laundry room or main hallway to include a powder room. But creating a comfortable, functional room captures the full value of your Virginia bathroom remodeling project.

Find out how to optimize space and maximize design with these helpful tips.

Choose Fixtures Carefully

Out of scale bathroom fixtures, such as those that are too large for the room, create a crowded, unbalanced space. Shop for the ideal fixtures to design a small bathroom that feels spacious.

  • Toilets – this essential element of your bathroom remodel should be sleek and compact, with a narrow bowl and high tank. Look for adaptable waste outlets that give you options for location and drainage. It’s most efficient to have the waste drain vertically, although some styles opt for horizontal or sideways outlets.
  • Sinks and Vanities – powder rooms work well with pedestal sinks, but vanities provide much needed storage space. Look for wall-mounted models with half-cabinet vanities, or opt for a compact pedestal sink and separate storage unit.
  • Showers or Baths – most small bathrooms provide limited floor space, making it difficult to squeeze in a shower or tub. Check out narrow shower stalls or consider stealing a few feet from an adjoining room to accommodate a modest tub combo, making your new room a more functional three-piece bath.

Consider Design and Flow

Start by choosing fixtures made to optimize space, such as space saving sinks, vanities, toilets and shower enclosures. The next step involves creating a floor plan that utilizes available space and maximizes flow.

Consider how the door and windows open, and adjust if necessary. You can gain more space with a pocket door or by swinging the door out into the adjoining room. This renovation eliminates the need for excessive open floor space in your small bathroom. Fit privacy glass into your windows to maintain a bright atmosphere without worrying about the neighbors.

Utilize available space in creative ways. Hang towel racks from the vanity and install tall and narrow storage units flush against the ceiling. Over-the-toilet shelving units are popular in small bathrooms as well, making use of a space traditionally left empty.

Modern Makes Sense

Even if your tastes lean toward traditional and decorative features, it makes sense to design your Virginia bathroom remodeling project with a more modern appeal. Contemporary bathroom fixtures and furniture tend to be sleek and compact. Wall-mounted vanities and toilets create a sense of openness, and minimalist styling helps to make the most of limited space.

Dress up modern rooms with traditional or classic artwork and accessories, if you like. But take advantage of today’s styles to create a functional, attractive bathroom in a relatively small area.

Add another bathroom or renovate an existing bath, even with limited space, using these tips and ideas. Choose fixtures wisely, think about design and flow and opt for modern styles for your Virginia bathroom remodeling project. Improve your lifestyle and property value with a beautiful, functional bathroom that takes advantage of a small area.

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