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Tips on Using Built Ins When Finishing Your Virginia Basement

Many homeowners include built ins on their wish list for a beautiful finished basement. Made from solid wood or less expensive MDF, built ins help to make your Virginia basement more functional, attractive and tidy. How can the average homeowner working with a limited budget include these gorgeous elements in their basement renovation? It may be more attainable than you think.

Decide on the Scope

Not all built ins are created equal, and what may look like a custom built cabinet or bookshelf could actually be factory-made furniture dressed up a little. Even true built ins can de done for an affordable price when designed with the proper scope.

Consider the overall design of your basement, and think about how your built in bar, bookshelf, entertainment unit, mantel or home office fits into that design. Built ins should not overshadow a space, but rather complement and enhance that area. Unless your finished basement includes massive open spaces, design your built in to be on the smaller side, fitting nicely into the room’s shape.

Decide on the Materials

Built ins can be made from solid wood, but this traditional building material can significantly boosts costs. Look at less expensive wood (pine over oak, for example) and manufactured wood products to save cash.

Many custom Virginia basement contractors use MDF for the frame and structure, installing wood trim and other solid wood elements only where necessary. When the entire piece is hand-painted for a durable, attractive finish, you aren’t likely to notice any difference.

Solid wood is better in some cases, for longevity and strength (such as with a built in bar) or stability (in a bookshelf). But your contractor should be able to recommend alternative materials that will help to reduce overall costs.

Decide on the Features

Basement built ins can include many features, including:

  • Gas Fireplaces – mantels and built in entertainment units often incorporate natural gas fireplaces and require the expertise of a gas fitter.
  • Bar Fridges – a popular addition to basement bars and kitchenettes, a bar fridge requires plumbing and electrical work.
  • TVs and Stereo Equipment – flatscreen TVs and all levels of stereo equipment can be contained in a tidy built in, designed to keep your finished basement clutter-free.

Your basement built ins may include other features more in tune with your lifestyle. The biggest advantage to built ins is a sleek appearance – so any feature needs to fit seamlessly, with all electrical and mechanical wiring, plumbing and other lines incorporated and protected.

This often requires the expertise of a trained professional. Built ins are not generally a DIY project, and require an extensive amount of finishing work. Incorporating function and features takes this project a step further, meaning you need to bring in those who can handle the job.

Including built ins throughout your new Virginia basement helps to elevate the look and feel of this space. Make your renovation dollar go further by investigating built ins. Once you’ve decided on the scope, materials and features, costing and planning for the project are simple.

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