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Tips on Choosing the Ideal Materials for Virginia Bathrooms

Bathroom renovations change the layout and styling of an important space. Truly valuable Virginia bathrooms include the ideal materials for the modern family. Attractive, durable and eco friendly are three characteristics often sought after by designers and contractors across North America, but how can you choose the best materials for your space? Check out these tips and get shopping today.

Crazy for Tile

Bathrooms come in a few standard layouts and include a sink, toilet and shower or tub (or tub and shower combo). You can move these fixtures around to achieve the proper traffic flow and attain optimum storage space, but the bathroom materials make this room sparkle. Tile plays a vital role in bathrooms of all sizes.

Tiling works for the walls, floors and around the shower or tub. This durable building material is easy to clean and comes in a wide range of colors and textures. Take your pick. Perhaps you prefer mosaic tiles in a monochromatic pattern with a splash of brightness. Or maybe you love the look of larger subway tiles to create an urban feel. Shop your local building materials store or ask your Virginia bathroom contractor for a list of suppliers and browse their websites for samples.

Spectacular Stone

Tile requires grout, which can become difficult to keep clean over time. Avoid this situation by opting for stone veneer. This product provides the benefits of tile—easy to wipe clean, resistant to mold and other moisture problems—without the grout.

Choose granite for your shower and enclose the space with clear glass walls for an open, natural feeling. Or borrow a page from the ancient Romans and install marble veneer flooring and wall coverings. Stone adds visual interest to the space and can provide a sense of luxury unmatched by any other material.

Granite, marble and other natural stone can be used on the vanity as well, or installed as a backsplash. Be sure to support the heavy weight of natural stone and invest in good quality products designed for use in the bathroom.

Hire an experienced contractor to install stone in Virginia bathrooms. This process requires skilled hands and the proper equipment in order to minimize waste and ensure longevity.

Pulls and Hardware Make a Difference

Another secret to creating a beautiful bathroom is found in the tiniest details. Consider the finish of your drawer pulls, cabinet hardware and door hinges. A matte metallic finish lends a certain appeal, while shiny metal or colored hardware adds personality and flash. Think about how many components you’ll need for your vanity and storage cabinetry and choose a style and color that achieves balance.

Some homeowners shy away from expensive hardware, opting instead for the standard, inexpensive brands. While this may seem good for the budget initially, splurging on your favorite hardware can take your new bathroom from good to fantastic. Weigh your options and shop around to find the very best hardware, drawer pulls and hinges for your bathroom remodelling project.

From tiled floors to natural stone and small details like cabinet hardware, the materials that you choose make a difference. The most attractive and comfortable Virginia bathrooms combine excellent design with quality materials to create an inspirational room.

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