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Tips on Building Sustainable Home Additions Virginia Families Love

Wise homeowners plan out major home improvement projects, looking to enhance their home and increase property value without breaking the budget. But many consumers want to include healthy, environmentally friendly materials and construction methods, creating sustainable home additions Virginia families love today and for tomorrow. Consider these tips and aim for a well thought out, green home addition.

Consider Your Needs First

Many factors come into play during the planning stages of Virginia home additions. You’ll dream big and bring plenty of ideas to the table, allowing your architect and contractor to come up with the ideal design. In order to achieve your vision of a sustainable home addition, focus on your needs.

This includes the needs for today (more space, additional storage, an upgraded kitchen or bathroom, etc.), as well as forecasted needs for the future.

Talk it over with your family members and consider various scenarios to get a better feel for the needs of your entire family. Avoid investing in unnecessary details and focus your dollars on the home addition your family truly requires.

Hire the Right Contractor

Look long and hard for the ideal contractor, ensuring you choose a reputable experienced company you can trust. But remember to ask about green building ideas, methods and designs during the contractor interview stage.

Do some research first to familiarize yourself with industry terminology and environmental movements spreading across the eastern states. Plan to talk to each contractor about what a sustainable home addition means and what steps will help you to achieve that goal.

Make your final hiring decision based on several factors (trust level, experience and expertise, warranties, price, etc.) and be sure to include the contractor’s knowledge and comfort level with green building materials and practices.

Focus on Both Sustainable Design and Building Materials

A sustainable design includes efficiencies and takes advantage of passive design strategies to lessen the environmental impact. That may mean designing a low, bungalow-style home in hotter areas of the country or including larger windows for natural light and heat in other parts of America.

Much of these decisions are laid out in the opening stages of your project, creating home additions Virginia families can look forward to living in.

Using sustainable building materials allows you to take that design one step further. Flooring choices like bamboo and cork come from renewable resources. Opt for flooring products with low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to improve air quality and overall health. Aim for paint products with low VOCs, or better yet no VOCs.

Include adequate insulation to reduce strain on your heating and cooling systems, and install energy efficient windows and doors. Any new appliances should be Energy Star rated, as well, to help control electricity costs and create a more sustainable household.

By considering your family’s needs, hiring the right contractor, focusing on sustainable design and using green building materials, you can create sustainable home additions Virginia families love to live in today and far into the future.

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