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Tips for Selling Washington DC Real Estate in a Highly Competitive Market

The real estate market can be vastly different from one area of the country to the next. What sells quickly and for top value on the west coast may not move at all in the east. Likewise, properties only a few counties away from each other may encounter a completely different experience. It depends on the market conditions. Selling Washington DC real estate in today’s market can be a challenge, but with the right approach and professional assistance property owners are bound to have a better, more profitable experience.

Get a Pro On Your Side

The most important step in selling real estate is to enlist the services of a professional realtor. You may be tempted by the low cost alternatives out there and consider selling your home privately, but be warned – hidden costs and mounds of frustration await.

With the help of a licensed and experienced real estate agent you can look forward to a smoother transaction. Their knowledge, expertise and industry connections will be put to work for your property. In this highly competitive market where price is only one factor in a sale you need all of the support possible. And a professional realtor is there to offer that support.

Be Realistic

It helps to get educated before putting your Washington DC real estate on the market. This will allow you to have a better grip on the competition, choose a reasonable price point for your property and target the offering to the right market segment. A thoughtful process grounded in knowledge of the current conditions is bound to make the sale go quicker, but it will also cause less stress and anxiety for you and your family.

Remember to base the asking price of your home on the market, as opposed to focusing on your own financial situation or needs. You may be able to wait for a buyer who will suit your specific requirements, but the cost of waiting and the chances of finding that buyer need to be taken into account. You are part of the equation in this transaction, but the market and the needs of potential buyers are also equal players.

Spruce It Up

It’s very important to take care of home improvements before putting your property on the market. Older homes are up against new builds in today’s market; that means your property needs to be in stellar shape to attract buyers. Have your realtor or a local contractor inspect your home and recommend the improvements, repairs and projects that will carry the most benefit.

Although it may seem like it, investing in home improvements at this stage is not a waste of money. Buyers that appreciate and approve of these projects will reflect that gratitude in a higher bid for your home. On the other hand, leaving the repairs, replacements and smaller home renovations to the next owner will chase away many potential buyers and likely result in lower bids with more conditions.

The market is full of homes that offer many of the same features that yours does. With the help of a professional realtor, realistic expectations and a few select home improvements your Washington DC real estate will stand out in these highly competitive conditions.

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