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80 bathroom remodeling stages

Three Stages of Virginia Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Freshening up your bathroom involves a certain amount of work and investment, but not all Virginia bathroom remodeling projects require major chunks of time and money. Consider these three stages of bathroom renovations to pinpoint your goals and take off on the ideal course of action.

On the Surface

Many homeowners are happy with the general layout of their bathroom, including the location of major fixtures like tub, shower, toilet and sink. Is the size of your bathroom adequate for your family’s needs? Does traffic flow through the room smoothly? These conditions make surface alterations the most sensible choice.

Projects involved in this Virginia bathroom remodeling stage often cover or replace the existing elements. This type of reno tends to cost less and can be completed within a fairly short period of time, or spread out in stages without interrupting daily life. When you want to improve the look and feel of your bathroom, consider these surface renovation projects:

  • repaint the walls, trim and door
  • hang new mirrors and art work
  • choose new light fixtures and window treatments
  • change the shower curtain
  • add storage units and shelves
  • reface the existing vanity or change hardware and drawer pulls
  • replace the existing countertop
  • replace bath mats, towels and bathroom accessories

Layout Modifications

Perhaps the size of your bathroom works, and the structural framing and walls remain stable and in good condition. But when surface alterations do not address traffic flow issues and you’re dreaming of new bathroom fixtures, your home improvement project needs to move to the next level.

Any alterations or replacement of the existing bathroom fixtures will push the price of this renovation up. But you’ll end up with a more functional room and newer fixtures. When you need to update or move bathroom fixtures consider these layout modification projects:

  • install new soaker tub and shower enclosure to replace existing tub/shower combo
  • move toilet
  • install bidet or low-flow toilet
  • install double sink or move the existing sink
  • replace the vanity
  • upgrade to frameless shower enclosure
  • upgrade to a countertop vessel sink

Complete Bathroom Remodel

Rotten framing, moldy drywall and water-damaged flooring need to be removed before any other renovations can begin. Bathroom expansions also require major demolition and framing work, including installation of new doors and windows. Gutting your bathroom is a major undertaking and requires careful planning, a big budget and the help of an experienced contractor.

Make sure you have access to another bathroom during complete renovations, as this work takes time. Fixtures need to be removed entirely while the flooring, framing and walls are replaced or repaired. Tiling is another time-consuming part of the project.

When moisture problems arise or your bathroom needs to be expanded complete renovations are the wisest course of action. Think about planning for these elements of a major bathroom renovation:

  • enlarge the bathroom to include a separate shower & tub or double sink
  • add another window or skylight
  • transform the bathroom into a cheater ensuite with a new door
  • replace rotted flooring, framing, ceiling and drywall
  • retile the existing shower

What level of bathroom renovations are you dreaming about? Budget, timeline and construction options depend on what stage of Virginia bathroom remodeling you’re planning. Consider your vision and get moving on this home improvement adventure.

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