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29 virginia bathrooms renovating questions

Three Questions to Ask Before Renovating Virginia Bathrooms

Virginia bathrooms come in a wide range of sizes, styles and layouts. If you’re planning to renovate the bathroom, be sure to go over these three important questions and achieve the size, style and layout that perfectly suit your lifestyle.

1 – What Do You Appreciate About the Existing Bathroom?

Take a long look at the current state of your bathroom, and make a list of the positives. Maybe you appreciate the size or how the windows bring in plenty of natural light. Perhaps you like the flooring or can’t imagine a bathroom without your existing shower. Note all of the features that fulfill your needs and wants right now, and ignore everything that you would like to change.

This type of list helps your bathroom renovation contractor to envision the ideal design. Some of these elements may need to be changed over the course of your remodeling project, but noting each positive allows you to move toward an improved space.

Be as specific as you can, and think about each element of the room, including:

  • Layout
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Lighting
  • Countertops and Vanities
  • Storage
  • Paint colors
  • Flooring
  • Location in your home
  • Trim and architectural details
  • Tiling

2 – Who Will Use the New Bathroom?

Once you’ve thought about the features and made note of all the existing positives, it’s time to think about function. Consider who will use this space, and when. Is it a powder room reserved mainly for guests and quick bathroom breaks? Or are you planning to renovate the master ensuite, used mainly by a couple? Perhaps you’re renovating the family bathroom, used by anyone and everyone in the immediate vicinity.

Determining who will use this space allows your Virginia bathroom contractor to design for adequate space and function. A busy bathroom needs plenty of floor space and features made for a crowd, such as double sinks, extra large closets and a walk in shower. Virginia bathrooms with limited use or aimed for a more intimate experience should be designed with that function in mind.

You may also need to consider accessibility, depending on who will be using the new space. Flooring, door width, vanity height and shower and toilet design can be altered to create enhanced accessibility and a more comfortable experience for all those using the room.

3 – Where Will You Store Bathroom Essentials?

Most people spend plenty of time deciding on the plumbing fixtures, flooring and décor during a bathroom remodeling project. Storage remains the most overlooked element of modern bathrooms. Think about where you’ll keep bathroom linens, toiletries and cleaning products. What else does your family regularly store in the bathroom? And does the new layout accommodate?

Plan for more storage than you need, as this area can easily be used for overflow. And consider creative storage solutions to take advantage of unusable space. Narrow cabinets, open shelving and other types of storage help to make the most of your remodeling, and provide valuable storage for today and into the future.

These three questions help homeowners to plan better Virginia bathrooms, taking into account their tastes, function and storage needs. Talk to your contractor about each answer and expand from there.

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