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Three Benefits of Using Western Red Cedar for Virginia Siding

You are proud of your home and for good reason. It is the place where you rest, relax and really live. This building deserves to be finished in a way that reflects your personality and tastes, while also catering to your lifestyle and schedule. Siding materials like vinyl may offer a low maintenance solution, but will they create the charm and warmth you want from your home? Consider using Western Red Cedar for your Virginia siding project and discover the incredible benefits of this naturally durable and unbelievably beautiful product.

Incredible Appearance

There is nothing quite like the look of real cedar – imitations may be flattering, but can’t capture the same texture, color and finish of genuine cedar siding. Each tree actually has a unique tone and coloring, which means your home will boast a one-of-a-kind finish. You can leave the siding to weather naturally to a silver patina or plan on your choice of finish to create a completely different face on your home. Because cedar has very little pitch and resin, stains, oils and paint are easily applied and provide long lasting, even coverage.

Wood siding is often imitated because of the traditional charm it delivers. Whether you opt for tongue & groove, shiplap siding or any other style your Virginia siding contractor recommends, you can count on a look that is truly distinct and always appealing.

Eco Friendliness

Today’s families are concerned about their environmental impact. Western Red Cedar is an excellent choice in terms of sustainability and eco friendliness, for a number of reasons. Cedar is a renewable resource and genuine siding products are sourced in a sustainable manner.

Statistics show that each cedar tree harvested is utilized completely – 95 percent of the tree is used for products, while the remaining 5 percent is left on the forest floor to decompose and act as a natural fertilizer, mulch and wildlife habitat. There is an abundance of information regarding the environmental impact of vinyl siding, fiber cement products and aluminum lines. Western Red Cedar siding comes in far ahead of any of those in terms of being environmentally and future friendly.

Natural Strength

You can stain or paint cedar siding to alter the appearance, but the wood also contains a natural preservative that helps to deter pests and rot from damaging your home. Unlike pine or spruce timber, cedar does not need to be treated in order to be weather resistant. Genuine cedar siding products will last for decades without a problem, providing a beautiful finish on your home.

Wood siding also has acoustical properties that will help to contain noise, creating a quieter, more peaceful setting inside your home. It has natural strength and will not split, crack, warp or bend like other timber products will. Industry experts claim that cedar boasts twice the stability of commonly found softwoods due the low density of the timber. It also shrinks much less, which means fewer cracks and splits and flatter, straighter siding even in the harshest climates.

You have many options to choose from for your Virginia siding project. But if you’re looking for a beautiful, durable and natural product, Western Red Cedar siding may be the perfect option. Talk to your contractor today and consider the benefits this products offers.

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