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The Power Of Hardwood In Your Virginia Flooring

Unless you’re sporting marble from a century ago as your Virginia flooring then the most elegant thing you’ll probably get your hands on is Virginia hardwood for your home. As standards increase in the way floors are installed and the supplies are manufactured, you can use just about any kind of wood for your flooring in Virginia. Hardwood comes in a variety of styles, but none are more popular right now than Cypress.

Virginia Hardwood Cypress Flooring

It’s actually a little difficult to spot it at first glance. Cypress flooring resembles knotty pine to a great deal when you first look at it – especially since Cypress is a species of pine. The difference however is in the earthy tones of the Virginia hardwood that give it several advantages over other types of hardwood flooring material.

The subtlety of the amber, the brown and the hints of green can make this wood compatible with any other type of wood that you typically use in your home décor. That includes tables, counters, cupboards and chairs.

Some people detest knots in their Virginia flooring however those knots and other swirls within the wood fibers actually strengthen the wood so that it can withstand heavy wear and tear. You can highlight such features with a high gloss under any bright light.

While darker brown tones permeate the wood, Cypress has a base in blonde. This multi-tonal accent can give a room a more open feel even if you opt for darker tones on your walls and curtains. You can actually simplify the finishing process by simply clear coating your Virginia flooring made from Cypress.

Hickory Floors

Now Hickory has been a top choice for Hardwood fanatics for a number of years over 5 actually. Hickory has a number of things going for it that the other hardwoods can’t seem to muster with the intensity of Hickory when it comes to Virginia flooring. Oak, Maples and Cherry wood just don’t compare.

Hickory has a unique variety of shades of brown as well as tan coloring that is able to match nearly every stain as well as style of cabinet wood. You can set aside the fears you have about clashing furniture with Hickory – they’re like Khaki pants, they go with pretty much everything.

You can’t get much stronger than hickory. Aside from the luster as well as its scent, it has a resilience that just can’t be matched.

While these two Virginia hardwood styles are a bit on the trendy side, keep in mind that they’re trendy for a reason. People love them for their durability and how well they fit. Some people will remain adamant that the knots and other character signs in the wood are ugly and don’t belong in a polished wood floor. Others would respectfully decline and jump at the chance to get this beautiful wood used in their new Virginia flooring.

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