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Take On A Virginia Kitchen Remodel That Boasts Efficiency

There is a certain amount of danger when entering a kitchen remodel project, whether you’re here in Virginia, or anywhere else. It is a basic necessity of our modern life, our kitchen, but an island is a versatile and less expensive answer to many Virginia kitchen inconveniences.

Ever heard of the kitchen triangle? It is a highly efficient design where the sink/dishwasher, refrigerator, and stove all form a triangle. A more efficient kitchen lets you spend less time cooking, and more time having fun!

An island is a great way to make that triangle happen, but you have to measure your space. Most building codes mandate a 36” walkway between counters, appliances, cabinets, and islands. You have to makes sure that every cabinet and appliance door has more than enough room to open and close completely.

Many islands are built to resemble the rest of the cabinets and counters that are already in place in the kitchen. A fresh, new design idea, however, is to have a radically different island. For instance, say you have oak cabinets and granite counter tops, you may want your island to have a metal or solid colored base and a butcher-block, or maybe tile top.

You need power to your island under most circumstances. We wouldn’t want the power cord to the stove running along the floor creating a trip hazard. A qualified electrician can advise you on the placement of any necessary outlets, which will likely be 20 amp 120-volt circuits and GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) receptacles.

Of course, you might need lighting over your island to brighten up your new cooking space, but there are alternatives. You may wish to install upper cabinets, a hood vent and exhaust chute or pots and pan hangers.

Racks of all shapes and sizes are available that can fit anyone’s needs and tastes. Whether you need but a single row, or a much larger rectangular structure for heavy-duty equipment, make sure they are installed far enough away from any seating room.

Under your island can be a wonderful new world of usefulness. An appliance or sink can limit this space, but there is still usually some room for either a stack of drawers or a row of cabinets. It may also be a wise space for a recycling or garbage can. All it takes is a little imagination, a good plan, and a contractor you can trust to make your Virginia kitchen into an island paradise.

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