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Step One in Remodeling Your Northern Virginia Basement- Assess Water Damage

Basements should be a place of fun and enjoyment.  Instead, people end up throwing all manner of boxes and storage bins down into their Virginia basement.  The stuff piles up after a while and next thing you know you’ve barely got enough room to walk.  Since when did one of the rooms that can contribute the most to the value of your home turn into a giant junk drawer?  You need to sincerely consider a basement remodeling before things stack up any further. Instead of living in fear of those boxes, start living in the now: remodel your old basement into a newly remodeled Virginia basement.

Now, before you start slapping down new carpeting, you’ll need to see how much damage has been done during your years of neglect. Water is one of the most common basement caveats and provides a number of warning signs you should look for: mold and mildew, moldy odors, peeling paint, damp spots on walls, dry rot, rust on any appliances and furniture, and cracked walls. If you are seeing any of these signs, you’ve got water damage and will need a basement remodel to take care of the damage.

Once you’ve assessed the damage, you’re going to need to think about how you want to design your basement. Northern Virginia basement remodeling is handled by a number of contractors.  You can you can work with any number of them that will help you remodel your basement, just pick the right one. They will help you with some of the necessary footwork that will go into designing a mold free, comfortable basement. The things they will look for is making sure your basement is warm enough. The warmth will not only be a great comfort to you and your family but it will also prevent moisture from collecting on the floor and other area, which will bring back your mold problem. Mold can wreak havoc on basement finishing in Virginia – it can halt the entire project

The most common feature that is added to remodeled basements is electric floor heating. Most people have concrete slabs for their flooring in their basement since the basement is the foundation of the home. The concrete has pores in it, allowing for moisture to come in and consolidate in it. Electric floor heating helps to dry out the humidity that comes from the floor, particularly if your floor is a concrete slab. Once you install electric floor heating, there are other things you can add to your Virginia basement to help reduce moisture and humidity. Dehumidifiers can be very helpful with this, drawing the water out of the air. Dehumidifiers can also be used to accent your remodeled basement since they now come in a variety of stylish looks.

Although this may seem like a lot of work for just a basement, think of it this way: the basement is one of the coolest areas in the house. During the hot summer and fall months, which are frequent in the northern Virginia area, you’ll be able to retreat down into your Virginia basement and stay out of the heat. Not only will you be able to avoid the heat, but you’ll also have the ability to create a recreation or family room, giving the kids another place to go and get out their energy without driving you up a wall. Instead of letting all that old junk stack up in your dingy Virginia basement, make the decision to remodel your basement and utilize that space for something fun – like a new billiard table.

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