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Speaking the Language of Your Virginia Bathroom

Did you know your bathroom is speaking to you?  Although we typically attribute languages to humans, every room in our home including our Virginia bathrooms speak their own language.  Like any language, very little if anything can be accomplished if we don’t speak the language or understand what the person is trying to say.  Your bathroom may be telling you a very important message regarding bathroom remodeling in Virginia, but unless you learn the language you’re going to miss out on that important message.  Just in case you don’t speak the unique language of your bathroom, here are just a few tips on seeing the signs.

  • Your bathroom mirror always gets cloudy no matter how short your shower time is.  If your mirror or mirrors constantly steam up even though you have the fan on, your Virginia bathroom is trying to tell you that it has poor ventilation.  While missing out on your reflection in the morning might be a good thing, the constant build up of moisture will quickly lead to a serious mold problem and early aging of your bathroom materials.  In order to help fix this language barrier, a full out bathroom renovation in Virginia isn’t needed: you can simply get a new fan.
  • Your Virginia bathroom is the coldest room in the house, even when you’ve just gotten out of a long hot shower.  Most people think of heating issues to only happen in areas with a lot of windows or other areas that usually have drafts.  However, much like your living room, your bathroom can get just as cold if it doesn’t have a proper heating source.  Between doing entire Virginia bathroom remodeling or simply adding a wall heater or a heat light to your ceiling, adding a little bit of warmth to your Virginia bathroom will address this language complaint.
  • No matter how little you use the bathroom or how short your showers are, your water bills have been at a sky-high level.  Although the water bill has no direct contact with your Virginia bathroom, your bathroom constantly communicates with your water bill by the amount of water that it requires.  There are many ways you can get your Virginia bathroom on better terms with your water bill:  get a low flow energy efficient toilet, replace your old shower head with a high pressure energy efficient shower head, or even just get a good stopper for your tub so it doesn’t drain while you’re in the bath.

Whether your Virginia bathroom is showing you signs of heavy moisture, a chilled temperature, saucing up the water bill, or any other signs like leaky piping, leaking faucets, stains on the ceiling or on your floor, your bathroom is trying to reach out to you.  Just like any language, there are dozens of signals and phrases you should learn in order to communicate with your room.  By taking the time to understand what you Virginia bathroom is saying to you, you can make sure that any Virginia bathroom remodeling project is appropriate for the problem at hand.

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