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Small Northern Virginia Home Improvement Projects With Big Returns

Not all Northern Virginia home improvement projects are vast and expensive. Many are smaller and much more manageable on a limited budget. Some you can tackle as a DIY project and others will require the help of a professional contractor, but all of these home reno ideas deliver maximum impact for minimal work.

A New Coat of Paint

It’s amazing what a new coat of paint will do to your home – inside and out. Your interior living space can be rejuvenated or completely redecorated with a fresh paint job. Ripping down old wallpaper takes a fair amount of time, but paint-over-paint finishes (especially when covering over a lighter shade) are easy. Depending on the size of the project and the preparation involved, this home improvement project may take only a day or two.

Repainting the exterior of your home may be a lengthier project, but it will still deliver a major change with only minimal investment. Call a local general contractor or professional painting firm to get a quote on painting your wood or aluminum siding, window frames and trim. Some homeowners may dare to DIY an exterior painting project, but unless they are skilled and have the proper equipment this job can turn into a difficult and lengthy task.

Bathroom Refresh

If your bathroom is tired looking and the plumbing fixtures need an upgrade, consider doing a quick refresh renovation. Leaving all of the tiling, flooring, showers and/or tub, a bathroom makeover often consists of new water saving faucets and taps, an attractive and modern low flush toilet, possibly a new vanity or countertop and a fresh coat of paint. It sounds expensive, but these upgrades can be done for a reasonable cost and the new fixtures will help you save money every month on your water bills.

Install a Sliding Patio Door

Replacing your existing patio door is a simple job that can help control drafts, provide better energy efficiency and decrease the maintenance requirements (especially if your existing patio door frame is wood). But for those homes that do not yet have a sliding patio door, this affordable Northern Virginia home improvement project will literally transform your living space.

Your family room or kitchen will be much brighter with sliders installed. Much more than just another entrance, patio doors offer nearly floor to ceiling viewing. This creates a gorgeous view from the inside of your home, allowing you to appreciate your yard all year round.

In order to make the sliding door a practical entrance and exit you will likely need to set up a small exterior space to wipe your shoes and boots. Building a wood deck or a stone patio will extend your living space even more, but if that’s not in the budget for this year a few patio slabs on a gravel base will work just fine. The idea is to provide an even surface at the entrance that is easily cleaned.

From a fresh coat of paint to refreshing your bathroom or installing a sliding patio door, these smaller Northern Virginia home improvement projects will have a larger impact than you think. Call in the professionals to be sure the job is done well and choose quality materials for an attractive, durable finish. Look around your home for many more opportunities where spending a little bit of money will make a big improvement to your home.

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