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Shinging a Light on Your Virginia Vinyl Siding

There are few subjects in the arena of home remodeling that draw more battle lines as sharp as Virginia siding – in particular vinyl siding. Those who support the concept of vinyl love the fact that it never needs painting while detractors insist that a house should only ever be covered with wood.

As far as building materials go, vinyl is relatively “new” as it was introduced in the late 50’s as a substitute for aluminum siding. Despite its versatility in many conditions now, it received a tarnishes reputation in the early days due to the fact that it cracked, faded buckled and was prone to sagging.

Time improves all things of course and this is equally true for Virginia vinyl siding. Over the years its performance has been improved by chemistry and installation techniques and it’s become widely used and preferred by builders and homeowners throughout Virginia – including Paragon Remodeling.

Despite the number of materials that can be used to protect the exterior of a home, vinyl siding has captured more than 30% of the market interest when it comes to Virginia siding and its popularity continues to grow thanks to increased durability and affordability. Not only is it cheaper than traditional wood siding but it’s also far easier to install.

While some premium Virginia vinyl siding brands can cost as much as the best grade of cedar, the install cost is still less because you don’t need to paint or treat your vinyl siding. The price continues to drop if you use a more budget friendly brand and make of siding. It’s not the price that draws a lot of people though – most are driven by the fact that Virginia siding is extremely low maintenance. Some people just don’t have time to paint, and when they have time off work the last thing they want to do is spend additional time maintaining their home. They’d rather be out on a boat fishing or spending time with family.

That is an acceptable reason, and why many people continue to choose Virginia vinyl siding when they remodel their homes. The look and color can mimic wood siding, making the curb appeal of the home that much more interesting and it’s extremely easy to clean.

An added benefit is that if your Virginia vinyl siding is damaged for any reason there’s absolutely no worry about scratches that can show discoloration. Vinyl is manufactured with colored material, so that color runs through the entire depth of the piece. Other materials that have surface paint and treatment, like aluminum, will show varying colors underneath when damaged. Likewise, wood siding and aluminum can receive permanent damage like dents, where Virginia vinyl siding will never have that issue.

It’s a good to tackle the siding project before the seasonal shift to colder weather, as a proper siding installation can help with insulating the home. It also provides an opportunity, once the old siding material is removed, to seal up any gaps you may find around your home.

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