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Renovation Projects Your Washington DC Realtor Will Not Recommend

Renovations and home improvements can be a good idea when your property is up for sale. These investments may help to close the sale quicker or bring in a higher return. But there are certain projects that your Washington CD realtor cannot recommend, mainly because they will make your home less appealing and more difficult to sell. Find out what you need to stay away from and make the home selling process smoother.

Adding Bold Colors

Repainting is a wise idea when your home is up for sale. This quick and affordable project will give your home a fresh look and appeals to many buyers, unless you choose a bold color. Covering the walls in bright red, bold green or even a deep yellow will put off most people and severely limit your buyers. Even though paint is easily recovered, most homebuyers want to purchase a property that they can comfortably move into.

Adding colored bathroom fixtures is another bad idea. Although it may be trendy and suit your own tastes, it’s always best to stick with neutral colors for the sink, tub and toilet. Ditto for the flooring and any bathroom tiles.

Installing New Carpet

Although this may seem like a good plan, especially if your existing carpet is worn and aged, wall-to-wall carpeting is becoming less attractive to homebuyers. Because carpet can trigger allergies and is often considered incompatible with pets, a home with carpeted rooms (even newly carpeted rooms) may lose out over one with hardwood or laminate flooring.

It’s a better idea to have your existing hardwood floors refinished or to install new laminate. Even low-end laminate flooring will be more attractive than carpet to many homebuyers. And laminate flooring can be installed as a weekend DIY project.

Built Ins of Any Sort

You may be a sucker for built in bookshelves and maybe you’ve always dreamed of a built in stereo system, but not every homeowner has the same tastes. What is convenient and attractive to you is not necessarily going to be seen as such by other buyers. Most Washington DC realtors will tell you the same thing – stay away from built in features as much as possible. Not only do they limit your buyers, but they can also make staging more difficult.

Fancy Appliances

You might think that the latest and greatest appliances are an immediate trigger for potential buyers. But the truth is that many of these appliances will not pay out in the end. You won’t recoup what you paid for them after the sale and this type of home improvement does not generally make or break the decision for buyers.

It could be that homebuyers have their own appliances or at the very least, their own idea about what constitutes a high-end appliance. You may appreciate the space age look or feel that every home needs a large capacity washer, but their opinions are likely to be different. And then the thousands of dollars spent on those new appliances will go to waste. If new appliances are needed it is best to buy midrange and invest the balance of the money elsewhere.

Your Washington DC realtor is likely to recommend a few home improvement projects that will help to close the sale quickly and for a decent price. There are certain projects that will not be on that list though, and you are best to heed their professional advice. It is offered in your best interest.

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