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Putting Up Stucco For Your New Virginia Siding

Virginia siding is a popular remodel idea, especially for homeowners who want to update the exterior of their homes to add value and curb appeal. While many homeowners jump on the vinyl siding bandwagon or grab up metal siding there are still other options on the market.

Stucco siding for example is a material made from cement, water, sand and lime. Its applied in multiple coats over a lath base and provides a beautiful and durable exterior to a home. Along with minimal maintenance Stucco has a natural resistance to fire and long lasting durability.

Traditional Siding Installation With Stucco

Installing this over mesh is the most common method for installation. The mixture is applied over wire or wood lath material and is finished with an acrylic-polymer finish that actually expands and contracts with the weather to prevent cracking and damage to the stucco. This kind of installation and siding can handle up to 40+ years with minimal replacement and maintenance.

Modern stucco siding in Virginia homes is starting to gain popularity, and it’s known as Exterior Insulation and Finish. A Styrofoam based stucco is sprayed onto a fiberglass mesh and foam insulation. This kind of setup will never crack except under extreme duress and provides the added insulation to makes home extremely efficient. A downside is that EIF is more vulnerable to high impact hits such as those that come from damaging hail or woodpeckers.

Because of the application method and layers users, stucco in any form works extremely well to boost the insulation of a home. This makes it an efficient way to regulate the temperature in your home and save a lot of money annually on your heating and cooling costs. The energy efficiency is one of the main reasons that stucco is so popular, particularly in areas of extreme heat or cold.

Add to that the you can get a little artistic with stucco and it’s a recipe that’s hard to walk away from. Homeowners can stick with the traditional smooth southwestern look or get more colorful. Some homeowners even opt to etch or add artistic designs into the exterior walls of their homes along with mosaics or murals. When added before the cement dries, you can get a beautiful, elegant addition to your home that transforms once bland walls into the most creative and innovative kind of Virginia siding you can get your hands on.

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