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Prepping Your Virginia Deck For New Stain

Step your Virginia deck up to the next level by sprucing up and rekindling luster in the surface. You can add color and protection to the aged material by adding a new layer of semi-transparent stain to your deck.

Before you can apply any new coats of semi-transparent stain, you’ll need to prep the entire deck otherwise the stain won’t take to the wood. Start by sweeping your deck of any loose debris, dirt, sand etc. Next, use a pressure washer to hammer away any of the grains or bits that are stuck to the duck or dwelling within in the cracks.

It’s ok if you don’t have a pressure washing, just use a sturdy deck brush or harsh scrubber to get into the cuts and grooves of the wood. If you find particularly deep grooves, take the time to sand this area down to create a level work surface, otherwise you end up with voids in the wood when you apply the stain.

Stick to using the right tool based on the size of your deck. You’ll need to use the right tool if you want to get the stain applied in an even manner. If space permits, go with a roller. This will get the deck stain on in the most even coat. As you get out to the edge you can drop the roller and pickup your brush to get the edges.

Avoid overlapping the lines on the deck with your roller, otherwise you end up with uneven rollers by crossing your path. Aim for keeping your application lines as straight as possible. This way you can track where you’ve already been.

As you’re using the brush, do not change directions during the application of the stain. You should take your time to consider the entire project right down to brush strokes. You’ll need to keep track of where you start and where you finish. You really don’t want to stain yourself into a place where you can’t get out.

Before applying the stain, after the prep phase, shake your can thoroughly so that any separation is fixed and any settling is restored. Just keep in mind that you want to secure the lid before shaking.

As you work on the Virginia deck, keep a rag handy to take care of drips and other spills. If the drips sit too long, the stain will seep into the wood and create dark spots in your application. Adding a second coat? Finish your first coat completely before starting another at the beginning of this process.

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