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Planning for Next Spring: Virginia Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling your new Virginia Bathroom can seem to be a huge task, but with the right planning, the process can be as pain free as possible. Forethought in this matter can save you a ton in time and money. The shower is a focal point of the bathroom, so it should definitely have a style that accents the other bathroom decorations. There are little details that go into choosing just the right tone that can really set off the wall colors or flooring.

Matte or Mirror?

Hardware is the trim element that brings every other element together in the bathroom. When you choose your new shower enclosure, keep the finished look of the room in mind. The fixtures and faucets should complement the color of the shower doors, hinges and other hardware. The choice of finish should really set the look of the colors you use everywhere else in the room.

Silver is a finish that matches well with many of the older chrome fixtures, although modern designers are leaning more towards brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. There are more choices today than ever before, so if you have a hard time making up your mind for yourself, you can always rely on the help of a designer.

Find a Tasteful Glass Door

The metal look may be going the way of the 8-track, but new doors are a little more pricey because of it. In order to remain stable, the glass much is much thicker. The choices available in modern patterns are as numerous as the fish in the sea. If you prefer to have privacy without a bunch of geometric lines, obscured glass is the way to go. Of course, classic clear glass will let anyone who wanders into your bathroom see what great taste in fixtures you have.

Powerful, But Gentle: Showerhead Choices

The newest showerheads are not only stylish and elegant, but water efficient and able to deliver strong water pressure. Many people find the removable hand held sprayers very convenient. The vertical shower spa is also becoming very popular, and customers are raving about how luxurious they feel.

For the ultimate in luxurious showers, you need a combination system that has an overhead shower, vertical sprayers on the walls, and a hand held sprayer. There is a whole new level of clean feeling skin for anyone who has a water delivery system installed in their shower.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Once the main hardware finish has been chosen and all of the other big decisions have been made, it is time to settle on your choices for things like towel bars and shower door handles. Most manufacturers of water delivery systems for showers (i.e. showerheads) provide what they call “suites” of products that are supposed to match the showerhead for a very cohesive look.

Every Virginia Bathroom remodeling project should address the shower at some point in the process. A new shower is an investment in daily comfort and you cannot put a price tag on reliability.

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