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Pick The Right Virginia Flooring Throughout Your Home


Bathrooms do very well with neutral colors and any kind of Virginia flooring that is durable. That’s why tile, either ceramic or stone, is an excellent choice for the bathroom and offers a lot of variety in color, size and design. Laid linoleum is another option though not quite as durable as tile. It also doesn’t offer the same warmth and depth that tile typically brings to a bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom, it’s an excellent opportunity to splurge and go with tile. If you’ve got the money to burn, run the tile up the walls to create a limit break half way up, generating a nice border for the room.


Kitchens tend to be a little larger in many homes so tile can get expensive however tile in the kitchen really brings the style into a modern décor. Like the bathroom, kitchens are also a highly moist environment from water and steam so durability and moisture resistance are important here as well. If you opt for wood flooring in your kitchen, ensure that the finish is sound. Keep in mind that you can always opt for laminate or linoleum in the kitchen as well.


When it comes to the bedrooms of a home, you start thinking less about functionality and more about the personal preference of the people staying in those rooms. Some have a preference for hard wood of various colors, often dependant on personal taste or the décor of the room. Others can’t get enough of that feeling of new plush carpet beneath their feet.

Carpet can certainly set the mood for a good night sleep but a wood floor with strategically placed runners can set a relaxing mood as well, especially where slippers are involved.

Family Room

Or living room, call it what you like. Either way, it’s a center for people to gather. If you’ve got a lot of young child traffic in your home and they like to plop down in front of the tv, or you’re one to stretch out on the floor (perhaps in front of the fireplace) then carpet may be a great option for you. Even more so if there’s a lot of horseplay going on in your living room.

Wood floors can provide splendor in the living room and many homeowners enjoy this for a more old world or rustic décor that adds character to a living space. Wood floor is often more about looks than functionality so keep that in mind when you’re working on which flooring to install in your living room.


The basement isn’t exactly a common area to receive new Virginia flooring.Likely because it causes the most stress for people.Many homeowners are worried about moisture and leaks in the basement so they’re reluctant to spend a lot of money finishing it.

If you’re going to do something with your basement just keep in mind you need to have a high performance flooring installed to deal with moisture and other hardships. If you’re going to install a covering such as carpet, just take the time to have all your pipes and foundation inspected so that you don’t have to worry about moisture issues. Ensure you have proper ventilation and you can also say goodbye to any worry about the carpet getting musty.

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