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Personalize Your Virginia Deck With Finishing Touches

Just as we don’t want our houses to look like the creation of a giant cookie cutter, there is no reason for your deck to be dull. Because it is actually an extension of the family’s living space your Virginia deck should be decorated and personalized just as the interior of your home is. Get personal and make this outdoor area truly yours with finishing touches both built in and added afterward.

Built In Flair

There are plenty of areas you can tweak and touch up on a wooden deck. Start with the flooring itself – you can install the decking on an angle or create patterns with deck boards in different colors or placements.

The areas along the decking can also dress up a standard space. Fascia board is the wood installed perpendicular to the deck board along the very edges (on top of the ring joist), designed to cover the ends of the decking and provide a profile to the deck edging. This can be a specific depth or a graduated profile using boards in different widths. These small details can add big class to your deck space.

Railings are another feature that can totally change the look of your deck, personalizing it with something that suits your tastes and style. There are standard wood railings available, but many of the other options are unique and will create a custom look on your Virginia deck.

Tempered glass railings can be built with wood frames or using aluminum channels and posts. Also, aluminum picket railings are maintenance free and available in a variety of colors. You can even find metal or aluminum pickets that are scrolled, turned or bellied for a more interesting shape on your railing. Check out the local building supply stores or visit your local decking contractor’s showroom for some samples.

PVC (poly vinyl chloride) railings are another no maintenance option and are ideal for the front porch. Remember that a combination of these railings styles can also work on your deck, creating rooms and separate spaces.

Added Pizzazz

Not all of the personalization on your deck comes from built in features like deck board, fascia and railings. The furniture you arrange and the decor items included make a big difference as well. Try to create a themed look (Asian Zen or Santa Fe western, for example) or go for a more eclectic feel. Again, whatever suits your tastes inside the home can be extended onto the deck.

Other elements can be added around your outdoor living space for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Lighting on nearby walls or tucked into the garden – even mounted on the railing – can add ambiance and safety, extending the time on your deck long into the evening.

Or what about a patio fire pit that will keep your family warm and cozy while resting on the decking. These highly functional pieces can also be used as furniture with specially made inserts and can be run with either natural gas or propane.

Have the best deck on the street with personalized touches that help your family relax. Create a Virginia deck that is made just for you and you’re bound to find more enjoyment in this important living space.

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