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Northern Virginia Home Improvement Projects That Deliver High Returns

Homeowners tackle certain renovation projects out of necessity. Space considerations, damage or expanding families propel Northern Virginia home improvement projects ahead. But many times a renovation can be viewed as an investment, as well as an improvement, increasing the value of your home. Certain projects deliver a decent benefit, with some actually providing greater returns than the initial investment. How can homeowners choose wisely and invest their money into valuable projects?

Choose the Right Project

The total return often depends on the style of home and the neighborhood itself. A period restoration of a colonial home may be costly, but that house will command an impressive price on the market given the quality and details throughout the property. Newer homes go up in value when modern renovations are completed, such as finished basements, luxury bathrooms and walk-in closets.

A kitchen remodeling project almost always delivers significant return on investment. Since this room is the hub of any home installing up to date fixtures, quality cabinetry and durable, low maintenance flooring is a good idea. Bathroom remodels and additions are also a wise choice, although having too many bathrooms in a home could potentially decrease the overall value and functionality of the space.

Choose the Right Design

The design holds a place of importance when planning Northern Virginia home improvement projects. Optimum designs combine function with form and stay away from trends and bold statements. Classic layouts ensure that your new kitchen or bath will remain attractive to any buyer, while high quality, beautiful fixtures and finishing create an impressive appearance that will last.

Think about how the renovated space will work with the entire house, including traffic flow throughout the rooms, decorating and scope. You want your whole home to appear well designed and practical, not just the new space. If a larger home remodel seems daunting consider each stage of the project individually while maintaining an end view of the whole house.

Choose the Right Contractor

An experienced contractor is a must when planning projects of this scale. You could attempt a DIY painting project or work on smaller components of the large job on your own. But when it comes to home improvement that will increase the value of your property the skills and expertise of contractors are a necessity.

Contractors guide you through the design phase, pointing out difficulties and challenges with your vision. They also offer advice on the best materials and layout. Homeowners need to do an enormous amount of research to match the knowledge an experienced contractor offers. And isn’t your time better spent elsewhere? Trust the pros to do their job and have a home renovation project done right the first time.

Renovations deliver a variety of benefits to homeowners. From better function, more attractive living space and greater levels of comfort to an increased property value, Northern Virginia home improvement projects that are completed with care offer a positive return. Invest in your home, your family and your future with home renovations done by a professional contractor.

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