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Northern Virginia Deck Designs for the Discerning Homeowner

Decks are so much more than just square platforms built in your backyard. In fact decks are actually extensions of your family’s living space and the best Northern Virginia deck designs should reflect your lifestyle and tastes. Whether it is a certain decking material, shape or features, the ideal deck design will reflect the specific needs of your family.

Multi Level Entertainment

If you spend a lot of time on the deck with friends and family you are going to need more space. Creating multiple levels gives a Northern Virginia deck better flow, as well as adding built in casual seating and the room you’ll need.

Multi level decks can have various shapes incorporated into the design, from circles and arches to geometrical shapes like diamonds and hexagons. Start with a basic shape and incorporate a few surprises within the levels for the maximum effect.

Privacy With Purpose

In suburbia many feel like their backyards are exposed, leaving them vulnerable and more uptight when hanging out on their deck. Privacy screens can help with that, blocking the view and helping to create a little oasis. Install decorative beams over the privacy screens for handy places to hang flowering baskets and scallop the ends for a distinct look.

Be sure that any privacy screens are properly placed to provide shade along with the much desired solitude. Screens can also help to block the wind, creating a peaceful, private spot on the deck. Make them only as high as needed and be sure the design suits both your home and the balance of the Northern Virginia deck.

Perfect Patio Planters

Incorporating built in planters is an easy way to have color on your deck. Use deck boards and other lumber pieces to create the boxes that will hold your patio-top garden. Then line the boxes with a fabric or thin plastic that will help to retain the soil and keep moisture from draining away quickly.

Depending on the amount and type of exposure your deck has, you can grow almost anything in a patio planter. These large items can also be incorporated into the design to act as railings, impromptu benches and even privacy screens. Plant very tall perennial grasses beside your patio doors for a dramatic flanking appearance. Or opt for low patio planters with cascading foliage that fills in with delicate flowers.

Outdoor Kitchens and Accessories

Your deck shape and structure are one thing, but the accessories and other elements you include in the design are just as important. Outdoor kitchens offer a simple and easy option for culinary activity, keeping the heat out of the house in the summer and allowing the cook to enjoy fresh air and sunshine while working. Think about how you can make built in grills, bar fridges, warming trays and even sinks work within the layout and design that you have chosen.

Choose an outdoor fire that will work on the deck as well, but be sure to lay stone slabs down on the deck surface to protect it from the heat of the pit. Comfortable and deep, conversation pieces should surround the fire pit for hours and hours of family fun.

Your Northern Virginia deck design should always take into account what you will be doing on your deck and what elements will make that more enjoyable. Examine your tastes, think about the different options and choose a style that will add value to your home.

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