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Navigating the Waters of Washington DC Real Estate

Purchasing a home in any location can be a complicated procedure that creates unique stress and challenges. Purchasing a home in the city that is the foundation of our nation presents a completely distinct set of challenges that require you to have the help of an industry expert. When shopping for Washington DC real estate you are wisest to get a special kind of realtor on your side.

Builders Know Homes, Realtors Know Properties

It’s a common misunderstanding that states you can only buy a newly built home from a builder. There is a special breed of realtors out there in Washington DC who have established real estate services allowing them to put their industry use to work for you.

By employing the services of a local builder who has worked with the building departments, planning and countless neighbors in the area you can get a better view on what is out there.

That realtor will allow their professional real estate experience to filter out properties that suit your needs. Then, by tapping into their expertise as a builder, these Washington DC realtors will also be able to gauge the condition of the existing home.

It’s All About Perspective

One of the incredible talents that remodeling contractors have is the ability to envision. They can walk into a home and see the necessary renovations laid out in front of them. This skill will also serve you well when house hunting.

Most often you will not find a house for sale that fits every need your family has. You’re much more likely to find a home that addresses most of your requirements, but still needs a bit of work, either aesthetically or structurally. When you have the services of a builder on your side these changes can be handled wisely.
Allow your experienced builder/realtor to gauge the cost of repairs. Before that step, ask the builder whether the home is worth saving at all.

Let’s assume your ideal Washington DC real estate investment would be a four-bedroom home with a playroom and a large kitchen. Having a builder will allow you to narrow down the field a bit to homes that not only have those specifications, but those that could have them with only a little bit of work.

Adding a bedroom, for instance, is something that may need to take the building code or NFPA into account. There may be certain homes that have the hidden potential to be your dream house but require the attention of a renovation expert to uncover it.

City of Secrets?

Experienced builders also know secrets about the homes they’ve worked on or the neighborhoods they’ve worked in. Not necessarily political tidbits, but important information nonetheless about the digging conditions, the local services, grading and other elements of an area that can only be known by building there.

Think it’s not important what type of soil a house is built on or whether the neighbors have had trouble with the water table? These are the things that can help you choose a home with the least amount of surprises. Combine that with the home that has the most potential and this unique builder/realtor has just helped you locate the most suitable Washington DC real estate available.

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