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Metal Roofs in Virginia Save Money, Energy

Whether you live in a residential Home or own a commercial building in Virginia, roofing advice is pretty much the same: the roof can be a big weakness if it is neglected. The roof takes the most beating from the elements, whether it is rain, snow, sun, or wind. If a roof is able to stand up to them, the other parts of your house will suffer less decay in the long run, saving you money in maintenance costs. Once the roof starts to go, however, the other parts of the structure aren’t far behind.

Today’s Modern Roof

The Green movement has really put a focus on the home’s energy efficiency, and that includes the roof. The goal with modern roofs seems to be creating a system that will help keep the home cool in the summer. The United States Secretary of Energy has urged all new “cool” roofing systems, and there is even a federal tax credit encouraging the use of cool roof technologies, and in some states there are utility company incentives as well.

The roof of a home does more than keep the weather out and cool the house, it also collects more of the sun’s rays that any other part of the house. The best quality roofing systems on the market today provide for the installation of solar panels to augment the energy used by the home, and in some cases, the very roof tiles themselves are little solar panels.

Advantages of Roofing with Metal

These advancements have brought back to the forefront a roofing material that some considered to be a thing of the past: metal. Ten years ago, metal roofing only held about 2% of the market share, today that has jumped to 10% and may still continue to climb. This is good news for our economy because most metal roofs used in the U.S. are also produced here from raw materials in our soil.

Everyone knows that a metal roof is just plain more durable than most other types of roofs. Other materials begin to deteriorate from the very moment they are installed, beginning a process that leads to brittle spots, soft spots, curled up edges, cracks, and wind damage. This is not the case when it comes to a metal roof. Metal roofs hold on to that “like new” quality that can add great curb appeal to a home.

Moreover, new metal roofs installed are often coated with reflective materials that add to the cooling capabilities of the roof. They send the sun’s rays right back into space, which has remarkable results in the upper floors and attic space. New roofing systems are also made to work with high efficiency ventilation systems for enhanced temperature control and energy savings. If you live in Virginia, roofing systems like these may actually save you money in the long run.

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