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Kitchen Sinks: A Non-Draining Investment

The kitchen is the most important part of your home.  Your Virginia kitchen provides a place for the family to congregate and get the needed sustenance to have a successful day.  While every appliance in the kitchen is important, the most important feature in your kitchen comes down to one item:  your kitchen sink.  Your Virginia kitchen sink is used to both prepare and clean up meals, the most pivotal parts of the meal process.  While most kitchen sinks will stay in good condition for at least 15 years, the sink can and will begin to wear out.  Most kitchen sinks start showing signs of their wear and tear by chipping finishes, leaks appearing around the rim or drain, or even rusting, depending on the type of sink you have.  In order to create the perfect northern Virginia kitchen, you’ll want to take special care when choosing your sink.

The first thing you’ll need to look at is the size of your sink versus the size of your kitchen.  All were not created equal and depending on how large or small your kitchen is, the sink size will be impacted.  After all, no one wants a very large deep sink in a small Virginia kitchen.  A good size sink for your kitchen according to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, if your kitchen is 150 square feet or less, would be 22×24 inches.  If your kitchen happens to be larger than that, you may want to consider getting either a larger sink or get a multiple basin sink.

If you should decide to go for the multiple sink route in your Virginia kitchen, you’ll want to consider how many people will be cooking at the same time.  If you have a small family and only one person can cook, it would be a waste of space and money to have multiple sinks in your Virginia kitchen.  Besides the cost of your Virginia kitchen remodel, you’ll also have to take into account how much it will cost to get the proper plumbing equipment hooked up to the other sinks.

Once you decide how many sinks you want in your Virginia kitchen, you’ll want to think about what features you’d like your sink to have.  You can get accessories like spray hoses, soap dispensers and a drain strainer but you’ll have to be prepared for the cost.  While the cost may seem a bit high at first, remember that a good sink can last 15 years or more so this isn’t a temporary investment.  The choices you make in your Virginia kitchen remodeling project will impact your family for years to come.

While you may think you don’t spend much time in your Virginia kitchen, don’t forget that the kitchen is where your food is prepared, served, and disposed of.  By taking your time and examining both the size of your kitchen, the number of cooks, and the number of accessories you want for your sink, you make a smart decision regarding the right sink for your Virginia kitchen.

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