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Kitchen Lighting: How to set the mood for a remodel

The kitchen can be a romantic place when it’s dim and it’s just you and your significant other.  However, your Virginia kitchen can also feel like a dark dungeon when it’s just you or someone in your family slaving away at the stove.  Even though you may attribute your good or bad mood to whoever happens to be (or not be) in the kitchen with you, a major thing that’s contributing to your mood is the lighting in your kitchen.  Just like any room in your house, the Virginia kitchen needs a certain amount of light for it to be a pleasant place to be.  Whether we want to admit it or not, light affects us from our health to our mood.  This makes lighting an important part of your home no matter what room you’re looking at.

There are many different types of lighting schemes you can use in your Virginia kitchen.  One popular method you can use is a track lighting method.  Track lighting doesn’t require any additional wiring:  power for the track legs comes from an electrical box where the old fixture you’re replacing is.  This type of lighting is a quick way to change your lighting scheme in your northern Virginia kitchen and it gives you a few extra options as well.  Track lights are flexible and can be moved.  This can be great for those days you still want to set a particular mood.

Another option you can do to brighten up your Virginia kitchen is by adding under cabinet lighting. Under cabinet lighting can be installed in a variety of ways, from recessed or surface-mounted disk lights to lights underneath the cabinet that are on a strip or track.  These types of lighting can be plugged into an outlet you have in your northern Virginia kitchen or you can go the extra step and have them wired through properly.

The last thing you can do for your Virginia kitchen besides installing these lighting fixtures is to choose the appropriate light bulbs.  There are two main types of light bulbs besides incandescent light bulbs that used in kitchen lighting:  halogen lights and fluorescent lights.  Fluorescent lights are the most efficient light bulb of the two, however, they are steadily losing popularity as newer bulbs are entering the market.  Halogen lights are another great choice since they last up to twice as long as incandescent bulbs and are more energy efficient.  No matter what type of bulb you end up using, pay special attention to the color of the light.  Many people will grab a bulb at whim and then install it in their northern Virginia kitchen to find out that it casts an unsightly color.

Getting the right lighting scheme for your Virginia kitchen can be an endless maze of decisions, making it a time consuming renovation.  Whether you have a lighting scheme in mind or not, the best option to get the right lighting for your kitchen is to contact a northern Virginia kitchen remodeling company to come and scout out your kitchen.  They will be able to discuss the types of lighting schemes that will work best with your kitchen, give you a good estimate, and install the lighting, which is recommended since you’d be dealing with electricity.

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