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Keeping Your Virginia Roofing Old School

Virginia roofing has made a lot of improvements over the years in its own industry, in the way homes have come together over the years. From archaic mud to modern shingles, our own homes are marvels of modern science and architecture. Despite that modern design, we’ll all need to replaced and maintain our roof at some point.

One common material that we see used most often in the modern roof is the asphalt shingle. It may seem like that material belongs on the roads but there’s a reason it’s used there as well as on your roof. It’s long lasting, durable and weather resistant.

Those shingles create overlapping layers of protection that help curtail the efforts of the weather and storms to invade your home. They’re extremely effective at keeping the rain out and your home dry.

We all know that there’s nothing more cumbersome and expensive than a leaky roof. That’s why its important to choose quality materials for your roof replacement and use a roofing contractor that knows the business. Asphalt is a good option despite the fact that it’s not the prettiest option though there is some ability to customize your shingles.

The durability of the asphalt shingle makes it difficult to damage the tiles, as their highly resistant to adverse conditions and they’re extremely low maintenance. Less work and money for you. Often a roof with asphalt shingles will come with a long term warranty as a selling point simply because the contractors know it will last.

Another benefit to the oil base asphalt is that they’re very water resistant and thanks to their weight there is little chance for extensive uplift that causes tearing in other shingles. If you’re worried about mold, you can also find shingles in this variety that are resistant to a lot of molds and algae.

Because of the nature of the shingle used, asphalt roofing is the most cost effective option short of draping a tarp over your house when it rains. They’re easy to take care of and the breeze at which their installed will save you money off the roofing contractor bill. When you consider the price difference between asphalt shingles and other roofing material like ceramics or wood roofing tiles it’s easy to know which to choose.

And the final bonus of course is the amount you’ll save in maintenance costs over time. Your Virginia roofing will stay sound for years to come, allowing you to turn that money to more “green” updates in your home.

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