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Keep Your House Cooler With Virginia Replacement Windows

We hear a lot about how Virginia replacement windows can help to reduce your heating bills in the wintertime. And while that is certainly good news, the high costs of cooling bills loom in the coming summer months. Will replacement windows have any effect on the temperature inside your home during a heat wave? And how does the latest technology combat the harmful effects of UV rays?

Energy Efficiency Is a Year Round Thing

The benefits that new windows provide in terms of energy efficiency apply to the summer as much as the winter. Designed to be a barrier against heat loss, the windows also work to block heat transfer when the temperature outside is higher than inside. Heat can be conducted both ways and a good quality replacement window will reduce that transfer.

Aging windows work against air conditioning in the summer time. These cooling appliances work hard to maintain a lower temperature and they have to work even harder when that cool air escapes outside. Imagine how much harder your air conditioner will need to work when you leave the exterior doors wide open on a hot day in July. The same concept applies when your windows let out the cool air through single panes of glass or the framing.

The more airtight your home, the easier it is for your air conditioner to maintain an evenly comfortable temperature and therefore, the lower your cooling bills will be.

Latest Advancements in Glass

The replacement windows Virginia homeowners need are not only designed to be airtight. Besides using a double or triple glazing, the latest designs also include a low E coating that will reduce the damage done by UV rays entering your home through the windows. As bright as these rays of sunshine make your living space, they can still do damage to furnishings, walls and flooring.

Low E coatings add to the energy efficiency of your window, but this thin, transparent coating also works to reflect the harmful rays and reduce wear and tear on your home’s interior.

Similar to sunglasses for your house, these coatings are also used to reduce the amount of heat that sunshine creates in your home. The same coatings are used on solariums and sunrooms to create a cool, comfortable atmosphere inside. Combined with the double or triple paned designs available today, this technology recognizes that a window needs to let light in and allow for a clear view without allowing heat loss or harmful rays through.

UV rays may not be a problem for every window in your home. Often there are certain windows (usually south-facing) that provide the most light and therefore the most potential danger. Although it makes sense to have the latest replacement windows in those areas, don’t forget the energy efficiency and security benefits new windows provide to the balance of your home.

An excellent home renovation investment, Virginia replacement windows will also reduce your cooling bills and allow your furnishings and decor to last longer. Call a window contractor today to find out how to ensure your home is more comfortable this summer season.

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