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Is Vinyl a Good Choice For Your Northern Virginia Siding?

The exterior finish on your home is an essential element that provides protection, and beauty, as well as adding to the level of efficiency in your home. You need to assess each type of cladding before deciding which is best for your climate, design and tastes. Vinyl is a popular option for Northern Virginia siding, but is it the best choice for you?

Disadvantages of Vinyl Siding

While vinyl is very resistant to moisture, it is more vulnerable to damage than bricks or stone would be. The natural strength of bricks makes them less susceptible to dents and scratches, whereas vinyl siding can be damaged during a strong storm. The PVC is fairly thin when compared to bricks as well as fiber cement siding. And although it is flexible and much easier to handle than stone, vinyl siding cannot take the same level of abuse that these other types of cladding can.

If it is not installed properly vinyl siding can be very noisy in the wind. This is one reason why it’s so important to hire a professional when installing your Northern Virginia siding. They will know how to put the panels together, accounting for the expansion and contraction that naturally occurs when PVC is exposed to the elements. Loose siding is not only less efficient, but moves in the wind and makes a decent amount of noise.

Advantages of Vinyl Siding

Despite the potential for damage, vinyl siding is actually a very durable selection for any climate. It provides a solid layer of protection against wind and when combined with insulation, will help to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere in your home. Vinyl siding stays cool in the summer and will help to repel cold in the winter. It requires very little maintenance, even over years of dependable use.

The vinyl cladding industry offers a wide selection of profiles, colors and styles available. You can even find vinyl siding that coordinates well with period homes, allowing you to install a low maintenance solution with a faithful appearance. Whether you want to change the exterior look of your house or match what is currently there, it’s easy to find the perfect product. You can even add matching and complimentary trim and moldings, helping you to finish the exterior with detail and distinct beauty.

Vinyl is one of the most affordable options available for exterior cladding. Even the most innovative brands are reasonably priced, when compared to the other options on the market. Materials are less expensive and because installation is often less labor intensive, the overall cost can be significantly lower. If you prefer the look of natural stone or brick yet don’t quite have the budget for it, vinyl siding can be used on the sides and rear walls with brick or stone applied to the front-facing walls. This combination is good for the budget and will create the attractive appearance you want.

There are advantages and disadvantages to using vinyl cladding. With this option your Northern Virginia siding will be attractive and affordable, although it may not hold up against harsh weather conditions like heavier cladding will. Depending on your tastes and priorities vinyl may be the best choice. Using it on its own or in combination with other types of siding is a wise option that will deliver a variety of benefits.

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