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Incredible Virginia Window Replacement Projects to Consider

Did you know that getting enough sunlight is essential to your overall health? And that having large windows in your home can contribute to a better mood, less tension and a more peaceful atmosphere? Allowing that sunshine in safely and effectively is the job of your windows. Check out these unique Virginia window replacement projects that are bound to impress and add value to your home and lifestyle.

Sliding Patio Doors Off the Dining Room

Transform an often stuffy room into something spectacular by adding a sliding patio door. Take a look at the largest (and possibly only) window that’s currently in the room. Is there any way that could be replaced by a glass slider? If the dining room is on the ground level, there is a good chance this project is doable.

Lay out a simple stone patio for a cleaner, neater entrance and choose a sliding door that will give you the most light. Make sure it is rated for energy efficiency, includes a low E coating and is double or triple glazed. Think about the security features as well and opt for a model with a secure locking mechanism.

French doors are also an option here, but don’t offer the same expanse of windows that sliders do. With the right design and top quality replacement window products, this addition will brighten up your dining room and cheer up those dreary dinners with the family.

Bay Windows in the Front Room

Depending on the layout of your home there may be an office, family room or even a bedroom in the front of your house. This area is prime real estate for a bay window, which adds space as well as brightness to any room.

Consider how this would feel in a bedroom, with a small reading bench set up in the bay area using comfy pillows and coordinating cushions. Or if this is your family room, think about how a bay window could clear up valuable floor space. Place potted plants and other knick knacks on the deep window sill or use it as impromptu seating. However you lay it out, this area will benefit from the added brightness and bonus space that a bay window delivers.

Sidelights and Transoms in the Foyer

How can you add security and natural light to your front door? With sidelights and a beautiful transom window, of course. These elongated replacement windows can be installed with stained or etched glass for instant privacy. You can also opt for clear glass and hang sheers, depending on whether you want to be able to see out of them.

Transoms add height and grandeur to your front door while also providing an overflow of sunlight into the foyer. No need for these windows to be operational, but they should still be energy efficient and adept at holding the heat of the sun in the house during the winter. Think about arched transoms, patterned sidelights or a matching set that will transform your front door into something marvelous.

For a relatively small investment these Virginia window replacement projects offer big value to your home and to your day to day living. Be happier and healthier with more natural light. Present a better face to the neighborhood with an upgraded exterior and enjoy the difference these special replacement windows make.

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