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Identifying the enemy: types of water issues your basement faces

Heavy rain pounds against your windows, making you wrap your blanket a little tighter around yourself.  While this rain may give you the perfect time to curl up with a good book or movie, the heavy rain is nature’s assault on your northern Virginia basement.  The worst part of this assault is that it’s a slow and timeless battle; your Virginia basement may be fighting this battle for years before showing wear and tear.  However, no matter how good a fight your basement puts up, you should be aware of what the signs look like when your Virginia basement starts losing the war.

There are three main signs to look for that your Virginia basement will show you when it’s losing the war.  These three signs are:  condensation, runoff, and / or subsurface seepage.  Condensation appears as water drops on your walls, wet spots or puddles on your basement floor.  Runoff occurs when rainwater or melted snow doesn’t get routed away from your house and instead finds ways to come in like cracks in your Virginia basement walls and footings.  Subsurface seepage appears to be runoff but instead of only happening during heavy rain or snow, it happens year round.

Each of these three types of basement ailments can appear to be one or the other.  However, there are a few ways to figure out what kind of water problem your Virginia basement has.  To figure out if your basement’s problem is condensation, you can tape foil over damp spots and check it later on.  If the moisture shows up on the side facing you, the moisture is in the air.  If it shows up on the side facing the wall, it’s water coming in from the outside.  Runoff is pretty easy to figure out since it only occurs during certain weather conditions.  As for a subsurface problem, you can usually tell this is an issue if there is water in your Virginia basement on a consistent basis, long after the storms have gone or if you see the water coming in.

It’s important to note that any time you start seeing any of these signs of attack that you take action quickly.  One of the largest threats a Virginia basement can face is water.  Not only is there the threat of mold, but constant water problems can weaken the walls and this will cause issues with other levels in your house since your Virginia basement is the foundation on which your house is built.

By taking the time to figure out what kind of wound your basement has received in its battle against Mother Nature, the better you will be able to treat it appropriately with little cost to you.  Should you figure out that your Virginia basement is only suffering from condensation, a dehumidifier and a few fans can help eliminate the problem.  If the problem happens to be runoff or subsurface issues, you will want to call a professional for a consultation to see what is the best option for you.

Instead of leaving your Virginia basement to fight the battle alone, join the team and help keep your basement in the best shape it can be.  After all, it’s difficult to sit down and enjoy the rain if you’re too busy wondering whether your going to have a rain water swimming pool in your basement the next day.

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