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How Your Washington DC Realtor Can Use Social Media For a Quicker Sale

There’s no doubt about it – social media has transformed the real estate industry. Your Washington DC realtor should utilize this powerful tool to connect with potential buyers and get the word out about your property. On the other side of the equation, homebuyers and their realtors use social media to browse efficiently and narrow down the field. Follow these tips to make sure your real estate transaction utilizes this form of media to the max.

Finding a Realtor

You can draw on social media to browse for, investigate and hire a realtor when buying or selling Washington DC real estate. Profile pages on Facebook or Twitter provide information and allow you to gauge the level of interaction each realtor engages in.

Remember that social media is only one avenue of communication, so a realtor that uses it sporadically may have a strong record of telephone and email communications. But if you prefer to connect through social media, look for a real estate agent that also works that way. Chances are you will find a better fit.

Shop Using Social Media

Homeowners and realtors use channels like Twitter and Facebook to post listings. While it may not be streamlined and easily searchable, you can find private listings and those properties listed with agents side by side, making comparisons easier. Try using hashtags in Twitter to attract attention and access archives. And input tags or keywords into your favorite search engine to find listings quickly.

Use online classifieds as well as web-based local listings. If your Washington DC realtor regularly uses these sources to browse they can share information and discoveries via your social media connections, providing details instantly. You can, in turn, respond and sort through the potential properties quickly.

Organize your viewing schedules via social media as well, gathering information about open houses and contacts easily. Keep your mobile handy when going through a house to have ready access to posted information and the ability to compare it with what you see at the viewing.

Sell Using Social Media

Everything from homes to cars, personal belongings and services are posted on various social media channels. The more places your property listing appears in, the better exposure it will have and the faster it will sell. Ask your real estate agent if and how they use social media to spread the word.

Realtors may have their own page of listings or recommend that you post the details on your personal profile. Think about other ways to spread the word using the casual and professional networks that have been established. You never know who your friends, neighbors, coworkers and professional connections know. Many channels also provide feedback from buyers, allowing you to better gauge how the market is reacting to your listing.

Think about community profiles, municipal listings and other connections that can be made via social media and utilized to sell your home. Innovative approaches get the most attention. With the help of your Washington DC realtor, you can use social media to buy and sell a home quicker.

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