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How Virginia Replacement Windows Help Cut Down on Condensation

One of the most common problems with older windows is condensation build up. A serious issue that demands immediate attention, condensation may be a result of faulty windows that are past their prime, but it can also be caused by other conditions in your home. Once you have determined what is triggering this moisture build up you can decide whether Virginia replacement windows will help.

What Is Condensation?

When the air in your home is humid it contains a large amount of water vapor. As that air touches cooler surfaces, the moisture vapor turns back into water droplets and produces what is known as condensation – mainly drops of water on a cool surface.

This often occurs in the winter months when the heat of our homes produces high levels of moisture in the air. Those winter temperatures produce cold glass windowpanes, which then present the ideal circumstances for a build up of condensation.

Dangers of Condensation

Any amount of sitting moisture in your home presents dangers. This water will cause deterioration in the wood framing around the window, as well as in the drywall or plaster that surrounds the area. When left unchecked and alone, condensation will quickly produce mold. Mold in the home can lead to breathing problems, low immunities and various other health issues.

How Can Virginia Replacement Windows Help?

Double and triple paned windows work very well to cut down on that temperature differential. By reducing the amount of heat loss and cutting off the passage of air in these critical locations, new windows will most certainly cut back on condensation.

Insulation created by the air gap between the panes, as well as any gas inserted into that space would reduce heat transfer. The interior pane of your new window will be warmed by heat in your home. This results in a surface temperature very close the air temperature – the moisture will remain trapped in the air, not building up as water droplets on the window.

With new replacement windows Virginia homes will also be more airtight, allowing for less draft and lower levels of condensation on the walls. Your home must have proper airflow, which is taken care of by venting in the heating and cooling systems. The drafts produced by older windows may help with fresh air transfer, but in a way that is inefficient and expensive.

Other Ways to Reduce Condensation

When the airflow is not sufficient condensation will also occur. It’s important to use exhaust fans in areas of high moisture – such as bathrooms and kitchens – to move that air out of the house right away. Fresh air vents will replace that exhausted air, creating a decent level of air exchange that helps you to manage condensation.

Opening the windows whenever possible is another way to create good airflow. By installing high quality Virginia replacement windows that are attractive and simple to open, homeowners can enjoy those warm spring breezes and comfortable autumn temperatures. New windows help in many ways to reduce condensation, increase insulation and produce airflow – all conditions that create a comfortable, efficient home.

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